Five Handy Dandy Crochet Tutorials You May Just Want to Save for Later!

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Crochet Tutorials you may just want to save!

1. How to Crochet the Loop Stitch – Craft Passion
2. Standing Double Crochet – Moogly
3. Crochet – Three Ways to Work in the Round – Look At What I Made
4. The Twisted Single Crochet – An Alternative to the Crab Stitch – My Hobby Is Crochet
5. Foundation Single Crochet – Doris Chan Crochet

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Of the five listed above, I have tried 3.

I love the standing double crochet stitch and it is a fabulous stitch to use when crocheting items like mandalas; Tamara’s tutorials (both video and photo are available) are very clear and easy to follow.

The foundation single crochet tutorial from Doris Chan Crochet is the best one I have seen – I used this technique when designing my new pattern (Let it Snow! Winter Pixie Bonnet – which is currently being tested). Doris Chan demonstrates the correct (original) technique, as well as, a hybrid technique and the differences between the two.

Dedri’s tutorial Three Ways to Work in the Round – is fabulous. I love how she demonstrates the differences between the 3-ways to work in the round and the consequences of substituting one technique for another – when the pattern doesn’t call for it.  I had only been familiar with two of these before I crocheted Dedri’s Rhinosaur Amamani Pattern – Gregor. The third method really does produce fabulous results and the dreaded joining seam is much less visible.

I have been very interested in trying the loop stitch and Craft Passion’s tutorial looks very clear and easy to follow. I imagine this stitch will make a very soft floor mat, or excellent hair for an amigurumi! I’ve also seen patterns that use this stitch to embellish slippers and make flowers 🙂

Kinga’s tutorial for the Twisted Single Crochet is one I am saving – if ever I see a pattern that asks me to use the dreaded crab stitch 😉 I’m going to give Kinga’s Twisted Single Crochet stitch a go to take some of the pressure off (I’m AWFUL at the crab stitch!!).

I hope you find something in this collection you would like to save for a rainy day 🙂


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  1. Thank you for these tutorials. It helped clear up my confusion with the crocheting in the round

  2. Love the standing dbl Crochet stitch. It will take some practice for me to be better (im still a newbie) but I love that I dont have to SS & ch3. 🙂

  3. Hi! I like crab Stitch but I really don’t understand how to make it but i try and don’t succeed.