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April Donk from Erstell.Knots is joining us today! April is sharing her Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals Pattern with us today, for free in the post below.

Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals - Erstell Knots
Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals

Meet April from Erstell.Knots

Hello! My name is April and I have a small business, Erstell.Knots, creating crochet patterns and custom products.

I have a 1.5 year old little boy, August, and 3 cats, Keiko, Nedjem and Maeve. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am a SAHM. I try to find time whenever I can for my business and I have a lot more design ideas in the works!

I am currently trying to learn Tunisian crochet while designing more crochet patterns. Once I have mastered Tunisian I plan on writing patterns for that style of crochet.

Eventually I hope to learn knitting as well – its been my nemesis… for now!

My long term goal is to be able to hand dye yarn and sell it. The more handmade I can be, the better because the best is handmade!

Contact & Shop Information:

Facebook Page:
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The Pattern

The Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals are perfect for spring, summer, or fall weather. They are awesome to wear around the house, at the beach or anywhere you want and they are great for any age.

Depending on the yarn and hook you use you can adjust the size of your sandals as needed. This pattern works up super fast and looks fabulous in any color. You can change colors anywhere in the pattern to create an interesting effect.

The majority of this pattern is worked in one piece. The second strap is attached and then worked.

Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals Pattern

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Finding Summer - Barefoot Sandals - April Donk
Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals Pattern


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Difficulty Level

Advanced Beginner / Intermediate

Finished Size

14 inch for the straps (ties) and 3 inch diameter motifs


With a 3 mm hook: 9 sts and 4 rows = 1 inch square

*meeting gauge in this pattern is not necessary

Need a gauge ruler?

You can substitute any yarn and hook for this stitch pattern – just remember when you substitute if your gauge is different, the finished size, and amount of yarn used for your project will also be different.


Our Crochet Translation Project offers translations in many languages.
Check out the Basic Crochet Terms in 10 languages here.

U.S. Terminology used

2nd – second

CH(S) – chain(s)

CH3-SP – chain three space

CH5-SP – chain five space

4DC BO – 4 double crochet bobble (*see special stitches)

g – grams

HDC – half double crochet

m – meters

oz – ounces

Rnd – round

SC –  single crochet

SK – skip

SL ST – slip stitch

ST(S) – stitch(es)

yds – yards

( ) Instructions in between brackets indicate those sts are worked into the same stitch, or space

( ) Information in between brackets at the end of the Rnd include the total number of stitches worked

Special Stitches

Four Double Crochet Bobble (4DC BO)

Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook. ( 2 loops left on hook.) Yarn over, insert hook in same stitch/space, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops, repeat 3 more times. There will be 5 loops on the hook. Yarn over, draw through all loops on hook.

Helpful Tutorials

Quick Stitch Guide 

Sl St Joining Technique

Crochet Cheat Sheet | Magic Ring Tutorial | Invisible Join Tutorial | Double Magic Ring Tutorial


To celebrate the launch of this brand-new pattern, April is having a SALE on her existing patterns in both her Ravelry and Etsy Shops. From August 19, 2021 to August 26, 2021 you will receive 25%.

Shop the sale here:

Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals - April Donk

Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals Pattern

The Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals are crocheted in joined rounds until we add the straps.

Using your 3 mm hook (or size required for gauge):

Rnd 1: CH 6, SL ST to the first CH to form a ring.

Rnd 2: CH 1, 12 SC in the ring, SL ST to the first SC of the rnd. (12 SC)

Rnd 3: CH 1, SC in same ST as join, CH 5, SC in next 2 STS, rep 4 more times. CH 5, SC. SL ST to the first SC of the rnd. (12 SC, 6 CH-SPS)

Rnd 4: CH 1, SK first SC, (SC, 4DC BO) in CH 5-SP, SK next 2 STS, CH 4, rep 5 more times. SL ST to the first SC of the rnd. (6 SC, 6 4DCBO, and 6 CH4-SPS)

Rnd 5: CH 5, SC in the 2nd CH from hook (this creates a picot), CH 4, 3 SC in CH4-SP, rep 5 more times around. SL ST to the first CH of the rnd. (6 CH-SPS that come to a point, 6 picots, 18 SC)

Rnd 6: (3 SC on right, CH 3 over picot, 3 SC on left) in triangular CH-SP, SC in next 3 STS rep 5 more times. SL ST to the first SC of the rnd. (54 SC, 6 CH 3-SPS)

Rnd 7: CH 2, HDC in first 3 STS, (HDC, CH 2, HDC) in CH 3-SP, HDC in next 4 STS, SK 1 ST, HDC in next 4 STS, repeat 1
more time. (HDC, CH 20, HDC) in CH 3-SP, HDC in next 4 STS, SK 1 ST, HDC in next 4 STS, (HDC, CH 2, HDC) in CH 3- SP, repeat 2 more times. HDC in next 4 STS, SK last 2 STS, SL ST to the first HDC of rnd.

Do not fasten off – continue the first strap from here.

Attaching the Ankle Straps

For the first strap: CH 6, 4DC BO in the 3rd CH from hook* rep 2 more times. CH 80 or to the desired length for the strap. (I made mine 14 inches.) Tie a knot at the end and fasten off.

For the second strap: Insert your hook through the front of the right side of the motif in the skipped ST SP between
triangles 5 & 6 and make a slip knot on your hook so the working yarn is at the back of the motif. Then CH 1 tightly to attach the yarn to the motif, repeat instructions for the first strap.

Finishing Instructions

Weave in ends securely.

Copyright ©2021 Erstell.Knots. All rights reserved. This pattern is for personal use only. You cannot sell, reproduce, change, distribute, transmit, display, publish, broadcast, screenshot, take pictures of, record, or otherwise share in part or in its entirety this pattern in any way without the prior written consent from Erstell.Knots. Doing so is prohibited. You may sell finished products, but please credit Erstell.Knots with a link to my shop/name. Thank you! April Donk

Social Media Information for April at Erstell.Knots

Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram | TikTok | Ravelry | Etsy

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The design, pattern, and all images are the property of Erstell.Knots. Oombawka Design Crochet has received written permission to share this pattern in its entirety from April Donk.

Barefoot Sandals - Finding Summer - April Donk
Finding Summer Barefoot Sandals Pattern

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