February Scarf CAL – 2017

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Today is the day! Are you ready to make your February Scarf #CALOFTHEMONTH2017 project with us? Here’s the information you need to get started!


#CALOFTHEMONTH2017  February Scarf CAL!

The pattern you voted for us to crochet for February’s Scarf CAL is:

Madly In Love by Tamara Kelly

February #CALOFTHEMONTH2017 Scarf Project - Moogly's Madly In Love

Pattern: Madly In Love
DK Weight Yarn
Hook: 5 mm (H)
Finished Size: Depends if you are making the Cowl Version or the Scarf Version.
Closure: 3 buttons (these are decorative so you can pick any size) – Tamara used 1.5″


I chose to use Deramores DK  from my stash for my project and this is how it looks so far:


Yarn: 2 balls of Deramores Studio anti-pilling DK
Hook: 5 mm (H) Furls Blackwood

Width of my Cowl: approximately 11 inches
Length: I’m at 19″ length so far (just finished ball #1 [273 yds]) and I am continuing until my piece measures the 24″ length for the Cowl Instructions.

My Ravelry Project Page: February Scarf CAL #CALOFTHEMONTH2017

When Tamara designed her Madly in Love Pattern she released it as a CAL. I am planning to work on this over the course of the month in Parts. I plan on finishing Part 1 today and beginning Part 2 next Saturday.

What You Need To Do To Participate:

1. Create Your Project Page on Ravelry HERE and add #CALOFTHEMONTH2017 as a Tag to your project so we can see them all!

Choose Add to Favorites and Hook It! to set up your Project Page.

If you need help with this, here is a walk-through tutorial to show you how to add your Project on Ravelry. I thank you in advance for creating your project pages. It helps us keep track of the number of participants who complete their projects each month and it helps us decide which types of projects you enjoy (both for type and difficulty level!) for future Months.

2. If you need help with your CAL project, or you want to share your progress in a group setting; join us in the CWU CAL Group on Facebook! Once you have been approved to be in the CAL Group you can visit our EVENT Page here: #CALOFTHEMONTH February Scarf CAL.

Please note, Facebook only lets us create Events for a few weeks at a time and once they go live they disappear (poof!) from the Event Page (which makes no sense to any of us) – so we have opted to create an Event Page for every Saturday of the month. That way when you go to the Group you can find one of the Event Pages always there (without having to search everywhere for past events) and comment on any of them for the month of the CAL – this way we can share and help each other with questions, etc. easily! You do not have to make this project last the entire month 🙂 in fact I suspect many of you will be able to complete it the first weekend! Proceed at your own pace 🙂 and have fun!


See you soon!

February #CALOFTHEMONTH2017 Scarf Project!

February #CALOFTHEMONTH2017 Scarf Project - Moogly's Madly In Love

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  1. Hi Rhondda. After getting your input and reading several reviews I purchased the Studio DK for my afghan. I am excited to get my order and start my project. Hoping I will have found a
    go-to acrylic yarn. Thank you so much for your help. Linda

  2. Hi Linda, I’m very new to DK weight yarns but I loved working with the Studio DK. The yarn was smooth and didn’t have any ties or knots in it and it seems to be standing up quite well. I haven’t tried washing it yet though to be sure how it handles a wash – but for the project I made it worked perfectly. I’m unfamiliar with Paintbox Yarns so I’m afraid I can’t compare the 2 for you. Hope this helps a bit 🙂 Rhondda

  3. Hello. I am trying to select an acrylic DK for an afghan I want to make. Can you tell me what you think of the Deramores Studio DK? I have looked at it and also the Paintbox Yarns Simply DK…….am soooooo undecided and would appreciate some guidance. Thank you so much. Linda