Featured Charitable Organization for April 2018: Street Soldiers

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Hi Friends! This month our Featured Charitable Organization is Street Soldiers. Street Soldiers is a wonderful group of individuals who gather every Friday night to distribute food and needed items to people in need.

Our Featured Charity for April 2018: Street Soldiers

Although this may not be a local Charity to us all, I hope by sharing it with our friends and family, Street Soldiers will receive the support it needs.  If you are unable to help personally, please share this with your friends online – you never know – you may reach someone who is able to make a difference! If you would like to contribute too, we encourage you to crochet the featured free pattern this month and donate it to Street Soldiers, or a local charity of your own.

Please read on to learn more about Street Soldiers and how we can help. ♥ Rhondda

Featured Charity of the Month 2018

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I would like to introduce you to a Charitable Organization run by a group of volunteers in Albany, New York. One of our Oombawka Design readers messaged me about Renee and her group and I contacted Renee to confirm if they would like us to crochet them some handmade items to distribute.

Street Soldiers Albany New York

Street Soldiers was founded in the winter of 2016. Each Friday, Renee, her husband and a group of wonderful volunteers provide a home-cooked meal, food, clothing and other essential items to the homeless and less fortunate. They have visitors each week ranging from children through to adults.

You can watch this short news clip from News Channel 13 from December 18, 2017:

They can use a number of different items, including handmade items like mittens, hats, scarves and blankets.  Donations of items ranging from children to adult sizes are appreciated. If you are unable to help in this way, Street Soldiers also has an online wish list of items they use each week.

The Street Soldiers Facebook Page is updated regularly. You will find posts with specific items they need for people and supplies they need to make items (like blankets) to hand-out.

Street Soldiers is a GrassRoot organization that helps provide hot meals and needed essentials to the homeless and less fortunate. There is a list of items that we use weekly and if you are looking to help with donations, here is an easy way to do so. We appreciate your support!!

They have an amazon wish list here:

Street Soldiers Wishlist

for items they use weekly and that they would be grateful to receive.

If you would like to help by crocheting a handmade item, please mail your finished projects to:

Renee Fahey
SELKIRK N.Y. 12158

Visit their Facebook Page Here >> StreetSoldiers << to learn more about their weekly donation needs. If you are local to their area and would like to help out in person please contact Renee via the contact button on her Facebook Page.

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Crochet and Donate Patterns

Crochet and Donate to the Homeless and to Those Less Fortunate Free Crochet Patterns available Oombawka Design Crochet

Please do not feel limited to use only these patterns as there are no specific requirements other than the finished items be clean and made with love.

1 Daddy’s Simply Easy Mittens

2 Mommy’s New Mitts

3 Warm Baby Mittens

4 Easy On Mittens

5 Simple Double Crochet Hat

6 Simple Double Crochet Slouch Hat

7 The Basic Hat

8 The Basic Bulky Beanie

9 Warm Winter Ski Masks

10 Simple Grey Striped Scarf


You may also find a pattern in one of these collections you would like to make:

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April Featured Charity Street Soldiers Albany New York


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