Exclusive Crochet Patterns Perfect For Winter

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More than 26 warm and wonderful patterns perfect for winter.

I Like Crochet Winter Issue

Time to get those crochet hooks out and prepare for the winter season! I Like Crochet is available now – just in time for us to be able to crochet up a storm of projects to give as gifts! The winter issue includes more than 26 winter projects – including sweaters and pullovers, scarves and hats and even an adorable snowman pillow (Crochet Never Melts Pillow) you can see featured on the cover. View the Full Table of Contents.

Exclusive Crochet Patterns Perfect For Winter

Santa came early! The December issue of I Like Crochet Magazine is now available for download or viewing. When the weather outside turns frightful, stay cozy with comfy scarves, sweaters, and hats that will keep you toastier than a mug of hot cocoa! Start creating holiday cheer when you receive this bi-monthly magazine on your iPad or Desktop.

  • 26+ warm & wonderful winter projects
  • Festive ideas for handmade holiday gifts
  • Expert articles & tips to banish cabin fever
  • Exclusive patterns for your winter wardrobe

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The new issue of I Like Crochet includes more than 30 exclusive crochet projects perfect for winter! Click to Tweet

This month’s features include:

  • Juniper Hooded Scarf
  • Polar Periwinkle Pullover
  • Polar Bear Kisses Set
  • Crochet Never Melts Pillow
  • Snowplace Like Home Chevron Blanket (I ♥ The Colors and Texture of this Traditional Blanket)

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  1. Hi Karen, sometimes when I share things I use a link shortener on social media. They only let us have so many characters to share our posts and mine tend to be very long urls. If you see one that starts out as https://bit.ly/ that is one of the link shortening services I do use for Facebook and Twitter (mostly). So long as you still end up at https://oombawkadesigncrochet.com my site is secure. If someone else is using my content though that is very unkind of them – I will see if I can find out more about this just in case! Thanks so much for letting me know, Rhondda

  2. I love your patterns and the roundups you do to save us some leg work. I did want to let you know that someone is using your name and roundups and when I go to any of them they are unsecure and I get warnings. They use the address of https://bit.ly/3sSZPZ4. I just thought you should know. Any of the bit addresses take me to an insecure site that is just a warning. nothing else on it. I then just go to your page and look for what I am looking for.

  3. The Never Melts Pillow is so cute. The link for the Table of Contents doesn’t show that when I clicked on it. Thank you for the review. I have debated joining this before.

  4. I just signed up for the subscription. I know I’m going to enjoy this magazine. 🙂