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Earlier this year I came across this amazing photo editing website – PicMonkey – I love what I can do with PicMonkey – and most of the services are free.

Over the past few months PicMonkey has evolved even further – and now it has some extra special editing and designing tools you can use.

One of the extra features that I really love is this:

Edit a photo and create a collage are fabulous – but Design is my current favorite tab –

You start with a blank canvas already sized for your project or you can choose a custom size so you can crop and resize it yourself.

Once in the editing section you can change the colour of the canvas (i.e. background):
and use the fabulous PicMonkey tools to Design exactly what you want from blog buttons to Christmas Cards!
The little star in the bottom left corner opens a themed section – it houses collections of editing tools by theme.
Such as:
With the free access you can use everything except items with a little orange crown – those are the Royale features.
Some of the fun features I have been playing around with (and my children LOVE) are the beard making tool – the Kringle Caps – the snow – red noses – rosy cheeks – the frames – all within SantaLand and Winterland.
My daughter and I made this one together just for fun!

I am now a Royale Member – I decided since I used PicMonkey for practically all of my photo editing it was time to have access to everything they had to offer – and I am happy I did.

After I began adding ads and affiliate links to this blog I went in search of businesses to add – I love PicMonkey so I was happy to participate in their affiliate program 🙂 It costs you nothing to click on these links.

PicMonkey makes photo editing and designing easy!

Do you use PicMonkey?

I hope you visit the site and give the free options a try! If you have any questions once there, send me a message, I would be happy to help if I can 🙂



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