Did You Know? Where to find Public Domain Images

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Here are some photo sharing sites and services that provide free public domain images (i.e. images that do not, or no longer have copyright attached and can be used for blog posts, etc.)

1. Pixabay

Using the search function, I searched for images of “yarn” (of course) and here is one of the images that I found.

When you select the image you will see these options:


You can simply choose the size you want and download the file.  You do not need to provide attribution to the original author, or even link back to the site.

One note, when you view your search results, the top panel of eight images that will be displayed are from shutterstock – and are for sale – it is an advertisement.

2. morguefile


Is another site that has images that you can use – you must note though that there are some limitations –

You are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit the work and to adapt the work. Attribution is not required. You are prohibited from using this work in a stand alone manner

The above is a direct quote from their site.  There is some ‘discussion’ between users about what using the photos in a ‘stand alone manner’ actually means…to be safe make sure if you use their photos without contacting the original author for permission, that you make changes to the images and do not just copy and paste them into your blog posts.

3. The Commons

The Commons is on flickr – it has a huge collection of copyright free images available – here is one example.

4. Public Domain Pictures


There is a good collection of images available on this site.  In the instructions it indicates how to attribute the Artist.  For example this image indicates a hyperlink back to the image page is required.  If you click the photo it will take you to the page where I found the image.


5. Free Vintage Digital Stamps 

(I LOVE this site)  but then I love vintage 🙂

Here is one example:


I also love getting my images from Vintage books – from sites like these:

Antique Pattern Library
Internet Archive
Project Gutenberg

Remember always be cautious of copyright – many images are submitted by members of the public –

Here are some other links to Free Public Domain Images Resources (I haven’t checked these ones myself – so browse with copyright in mind!)

Corbis: Photography – Public Domain
Image Collections in Public Domain
Wikimedia Public Domain Image Resources
Photographic Libraries
Good Free Photos

Canva has put together a fantastic resource here: Free Stock Photos: 74 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free Images

Have fun 🙂

Here is a pinnable list for you to PIN 🙂

where to find public domain images from oombawka design

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  1. These are very handy resources! Thanks so much – I’m always looking for free art to use as backgrounds for some of my work. I have already found some great new things within a few minutes of clicking your links. 🙂