Did You Know? Quick tip for Pinterest

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Here’s how it works.

Here is a quick tip you can use on Pinterest…

I discovered it by accident…

I have a Pinterest Extension for Google Chrome on my Browser Bar (a little “P” button in the top-right corner)… the following steps work in conjunction with that extension.


Highlight the text you want to show in the “description” field for the PIN.




Click the PIN button on your Browser Bar.


…and whatever you highlighted will be transfered over to the Description field for the PIN! (up to the maximum # of allowed characters for Pinterest Descriptions which is 500).




Chose the image you want and PIN it!

This is a real timesaver for me – I like to indicate a reference in the PIN description and sometimes the reference that pops up is just a file number, or a picture number – this saves me from retyping the information for each PIN I post.

I hope this tip is helpful to someone 🙂



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  1. Thank you! I never knew (or stumbled upon) this. It will be quite useful.