Did You Know? Labeling Your Photographs Makes a BIG Difference!

Did You Know?

It is very important to label your photographs properly when using them online!

This is my super simple tip of the day –

Before adding your photo (to your blog, Facebook, Ravelry, Pinterest, etc) – label it!

This will help your image be found in searches online !

It might seem like such a simple tip – but you wouldn’t believe how many photos I have seen online that are listed as 001, or 002, or some other randomly generated number assigned by the digital camera.

If you want your photos to be found easily – in image searches online, or by SEO – label them –

For example if you are saving a photo of this:



…save your photo as Toddler-Owl-Hat – or Crochet-Toddler-Owl-Hat-Pattern (use hyphens or periods between your words rather than spaces)

Feel like delving into SEO a wee bit further with photography labelling?

Right-click on your photo; see that handy little pop-up box that appears (when you are editing your own blog post?) and the term “Properties” to the far right? Select it.  You will see this box:

Fill it in!

You can enter your title: Toddler-Owl-Hat and alt text: Crocheted-Owl-Beanie-with-Earflaps

When I originally saved this photo I saved it as flat on couch…and I suspect people who were searching for couch were NOT expecting (or wanting) a photo of an owl hat to appear!

You will be surprised what a difference this will make – and for only a few extra seconds of your time!

I hope someone finds this information helpful!



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