Did You Know? Keyword Tips & Tricks to increase your SEO

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Did You Know? Keyword Tips & Tricks to increase your SEO

There will be no talk about meta tags (title, description, keyword or robot tags) in this post!
This post is about the BASICS –
So…basically…what I need to know as a blogger about SEO really boils down to…
what keywords do I need to use in my posts and where in my posts do I need to put those keywords?


Keywords are the words people key into their search engines to find what they are looking for…
Effective placement of these words in our posts, tags and titles is the key to SEO.
You can increase your chances of your blog posts being ‘found’ when you follow some of these…

Tips & Tricks!

1. Figure out what words you should use as your keywords… there are free sites that you can use to help you with this like:
2. Use keywords in your Blog Post Titles and again within the first paragraph of your post.
3. Use keywords in your hyperlinks and never use “click here” when you have an outgoing link!
4. Use keywords around your hyperlinks (before or after) if you can’t use them in the link itself.
5. Use keywords in your Headings, Subheadings and Minor headings throughout the post.
6. Use keywords in Image Names and the alt text for your images (remember to use hyphens or periods between words; not spaces!)
7. Use keywords in special formatting like boldface, italic and underline.
8. Use synonyms around your keywords – you can do this with a Google Search entering ~keyword (replace keyword with the word you want to find the synonyms for).  The words that Google believes are synonyms appear as boldface words in the search results.
Another way is to just search for synonyms 😉 but the results won’t necessarily be words that Google thinks are synonyms…
Now that you know as much as I do 😉 here is one final link that you might find useful to develop better SEO –
This tool can help you find out if you have any broken links on your page.

Feel free to PIN this handy chart for future reference –




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