Did You Know? How to Set Up Google Alerts for Your Blog

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Did you know you can use Google Alerts to send specific information to your inbox?

For example, you can use it to check when your blog is mentioned anywhere on the web…or to notify you of news about specific search terms.
It is easy to set up!
Go to:

How to set up Google Alerts for Your Blog

how to set up google alerts
and create the alerts you want…
for example you can set the following search up:
Google Alerts to set up reminder emails
The way I set this up I will receive one email a day with all the new results for the full search term “free crochet patterns”.
You can narrow down the search if you prefer.  The options included are:
Result Type: everything, news, blogs, videos, discussion, books
How Often: daily, weekly or as-it-happens
How Many:  only the best results or all results
You can also set up an alert to notify you whenever your blog is linked!

To do this type [link:yourblog.com] and replace yourblog.com with your actual blog url and don’t use the brackets.

How to set up Google alerts for your blog


Have fun!

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  1. This is awesome information regarding Google Alerts. I had no idea but it will help me and others who blog. Thank you!