Delightful Doilies! Free Pattern Friday Round Up.

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I recently had a request to search for a pattern for a “Mystery Doily” online and I spent hours scanning images of doilies trying to find the pattern to match the one image – I was unsuccessful – but I was entranced by the beauty in the doilies that I saw.  I thought perhaps you would like to see some lovely doilies too so I decided to step out of my ‘crochet box’ and curate a post about doilies.

I have never crocheted a doily – I do have a number from my Great Grandparents and my husband’s Great Grandparents – some are even displayed under the glass table top on our antique cabinet.  They have always amazed me.  So delicate and fine – and the stitches are so tiny!

Here are some beauties I came across online while I was searching – I hope you will appreciate the beauty and work that goes into these lovely pieces as much as I do.

This week’s category is: Crochet Doilies

delightful doilies crochet roundup oombawka design

1.   Doily 4403, 8 Point Star by American Thread Company, Crocheted by Leanda on flickr
2.   Pineapple Doily #7275 by The Spool Cotton Company, Crocheted by Sticktanten on Ravelry
3.   Double Pineapple Doily by American Thread Company, Crocheted by Leanda on flickr
4.   Starburst Pineapple Doily by Old-Time Crochet magazine, Crocheted by NIkOLYA  Flickr
5.   Lacy Six Point Doily by Cheri Mancini, Crocheted by RosesNLace on Ravelry
6.   Flower Nupp Doily by Sonea Delvon
7.   Spin-A-Way #S-895 by Coats & Clark
8.   Cloverleaf #S-891 by Coats & Clark
9.   Peggy’s Sunshine Garden by Denise (Augostine) Owens by MrsFife  Flickr
10. Passion Flower by Denise (Augostine) Owens by withahook on  Flickr


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  1. I have but I usually use the search Google for Image option when I ‘right click’ on my mouse. It works fantastically and is super quick since I use a Google Chrome browser 🙂

  2. Have you tried for a reverse image search? I’ve been pretty lucky with finding original sources with it.