Dear ELK Studio – Ask Away!

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Do you have a crochet question you would like answered?

I think we all do!

Kathy came up with a fabulous idea. A ‘Crochet Column’ dedicated to providing answers to Crochet Related Questions.

Dear ELK Studio - Ask Your Questions

The most recent Dear ELK Studio Column answers the following questions:

  1. I want to learn how to master the foundation double crochet stitch. Do you have a tutorial?
  2. I’m having trouble on decreasing shells. Do you have any tips?
  3. Is it possible to crochet two items on one circular crochet hook, like socks or sleeve, as can be done with knitting? If yes, how?
  4. I have a friend that wants me to crochet a bathing suit for her. Can you tell me what kind of yarn to use & how much it would take? She wants to wear it in the water.
  5. I found this pattern that I want to make, but it does not say the amount of yarn needed. Is there a way I can figure this out before I start it?

To read the answers visit: Dear ELK Studio

If you would like to submit a question to Dear ELK Studio, it is as simple as sending a message to Kathy. Scroll to the bottom of the Dear ELK Studio Post to complete the contact form.

Here are the links to the other published Columns:

  1. Column 1 
  2. Column 2
  3. Column 3

I love the idea of learning from each other!

To see the panel of Crocheters who help answer the submitted questions visit the Contributors page.

So…do you have a question?

Ask your question here!


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  1. Hi Virginia, no I do not but ELK Studios (Kathy’s blog) includes patterns that are left-handed. I haven’t seen an elk though. Her business name is made up of initials from her family rather than the animal the elk.

  2. Do you have and elk patterns for afghans for left handed people? Thanks Virginia Foisy

  3. Thank you for sharing Rhondda and a great big thanks for being a contributor! I'm honored to have you help me!