Darla’s Winter Slippers – Little Oma Slippers

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On Saturday we had to turn the heat on in our home for the first time this fall. The change in the temperature reminded me that Darla’s slippers didn’t fit anymore…Darla loves the ones I made last year – and so do I.  The pattern works up super quick and it is so easy to follow.

Design: Little Oma Slippers
Designer: Tara Murray – Mamachee – Easy Makes Me Happy
Price: $7.65 CAD
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I have to admit I went on a bit of a shopping spree last fall and I purchased a large selection of Tara’s patterns through her Etsy Shop.  I have worked up 7 of her patterns so far and I have been happy with each and every one of them.

Last year I made up a pair of her Oma House Slippers for myself, my friend Andrea, my Mom and my Mother-in-law; a pair of Little Oma Slippers for Darla, my friend’s daughter Grace and my nieces.  I also worked up a pair of her Knit-Look Slippers for my son and my nephew…a pair of Opa Slippers for my husband…and a pair of her Cable Mittens for my sister Kelley…and now this year I have requests again 😉 and I have her fabulous Can’t Knit, Can Crochet Cowl partially completed (a project for me so it keeps getting set-aside for me to work on other items…)…and I will show you Drew’s new slippers on Thursday 😉 I used Tara’s Toddler/Child Slipper pattern and they are SO darn cute!

The patterns have more than paid for themselves.

I specifically use Red Heart Yarn Super Saver, Bernat Super Value or Craft Smart Value Yarn (Michael’s Brand) for the slippers – the yarns are sturdier and withstand a lot of wear and tear.

I substituted once last year for my slippers, using a bulky weight yarn in place of the two strands of worsted weight yarn and the slippers turned out beautifully but the yarn pilled and fluffed and after a few months of wearing the slippers they looked awful (still cozy and warm though!). I will now stick to the sturdier yarns 😉

It took me less than 5 hours to make Darla’s new slippers, the embellishments and Drew’s slippers (I will share them with you on Thursday).

Little Oma Slippers for Darla

oombawka design cbl project little oma slippers For Darla by tara murray

Here are Darla’s new slippers – I think I may be making myself a matching pair 😉

crochet bucket list project featuring little oma slippers by tara murray

Tara has free patterns available too – here is the link to her Free Patterns.


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