Crochetyay Finds! 28 Timeless Designs For You to Crochet

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This week’s Crochetyay Find is: Crochet with Mamachee.

28 Timeless Designs included in one downloadable PDF eBook from Mamachee.

Crochet with Mamachee E-Book

Crochet with Mamachee
**Price: $16.99 USD
Available on Etsy

I have crocheted a number of Tara’s patterns over the past 5-years and I have loved every single one of them. In fact, her Oma House Slippers are my ‘go-to’ slipper pattern. They are quick to crochet and fit perfectly. I’ve made them for my children, myself, my family and my friends. They are available in multiple sizes (adult women’s Oma House Slippers are included in the Crochet with Mamachee eBook).

Oma House Slipper Sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12

Little Oma Slipper Sizes for baby size 3-4, baby/toddler size 5-6, toddler size 7-8, Toddler size 9-10, Toddler/child size 11-12, Child size 13-1

I love her designs.

Be sure when you visit her shop to take advantage of her available Package Deals. Her coupon codes for Etsy are included in her Announcement section under the first row of pictures. Just click on the ‘read more‘ button and then you will see these lovely savings!

Remember prices and coupons are always subject to change so double check what coupons are currently available >>HERE<<.

Then add however many of her beautiful patterns to your cart on Etsy that you want and add the COUPON CODE before you pay!

The coupon code is the text I’ve put in ‘bold’ font below (ie 2for9).

**2 patterns for $9 Coupon Code: 2for9
**3 patterns for $12 Coupon Code: 3for12
**5 patterns for $18 Coupon Code: 5for18
**10 patterns for $25 Coupon Code: 10for25

Note: These coupons are for individual patterns not eBooks.

Crochetyay Finds March 22 pin

Today when I was browsing on Etsy I found her eBook: Crochet with Mamachee. It includes 28 timeless designs for hats, cowls, mitts, boot cuffs and more.

This is a fantastic bargain for 28 premium crochet patterns.

The designs included are:

  • Majorie Headwrap
  • Shaylene Hat
  • Jane Frost Hat
  • Vintage Darb Hat
  • Lindsey Lively Hat
  • Allessandra Hat
  • Imperial Hat
  • Marjorie Scarf
  • Tricia Cowl
  • Lyric Cowl
  • Hobnail Cowl
  • Galilee Cowl
  • Billows Cowl
  • Jenalea Handwarmers
  • Heather Lynn Mitts
  • Reverie Handwarmers
  • Wily Handwarmers
  • Tamara Handwarmers
  • Tiffany Page Mitts
  • Jennifer Lee Leg Warmers
  • Kim Rose Boot Cuffs
  • Lithe Boot Cuffs
  • Megan Boot Cuffs
  • Rebecca Boot Cuffs
  • Lola Slippers
  • Mae’s Origami Slippers
  • Oma Slippers
  • Perfect House Slippers

You can take a look at images of all the patterns included right >>HERE<<

I just purchased a copy for myself 🙂 It is a very well-written eBook and has been formatted as a book with a Table of Contents and an Index.

It includes 62-pages in full-color, all the listed patterns and extras! BONUS: You can click to the Index and her Website from the top of every other page.

The extras include:

  • Tools and Charts
  • Basic Crochet Stitches
  • Stitch Anatomy
  • Trouble Shooting Section
  • Yarn Basics and How to Properly Substitute Yarn
  • Color Section – Color Wheel Formulas and Color Inspiration Guide
  • Resources and Fun Places (links to great online sources and shops!)

Buy your own copy of Crochet With Mamachee.

You may want to check out some of her great How-To Posts too!

Here are two of my favorites:

How to Add a Felt Sole to Your Slippers

Clean Edge Double Crochet Tutorial

You can find Tara Murray online at these social sites: Facebook | Instagram | Blog |Free Patterns

Check out my other reviews >>HERE<<


**Remember prices and coupons are always subject to change so double check what the current prices and coupons are  >>HERE<<.


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  1. I’ve been eying this book on Ravelry for awhile and after reading your review and I can feel comfortable with my purchase. Thank you Rhondda.

  2. Thank you for the review & for listing the individual projects! Helps one make the decision to purchase the book or not.

  3. I am a slipper junkie! I am always looking for the perfect slipper so will look at this pattern and her store.