Crochetterie: Cool Contemporary Crochet for the Creatively-Minded – Review and Excerpt

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Crochetterie Molla Mills Cover

Title: Crochetterie: Cool Contemporary Crochet for the Creatively-Minded
 Molla Mills
Format: Hardcover, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9781910254899
Publisher: Jacqui Small LLP, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group.
Published: September 15, 2016
Price: $29.99 USD, $38.99 CAD

Molla Mills


Cool Contemporary Crochet for the Creatively Minded

Get ready to be inspired by all you can really do with crochet! Crochetterie, Cool Contemporary Crochet for the Creatively Minded presents us with 30 projects which are stylish, functional (this is important to me!!) and imaginative.

I love how so many projects include fabric, leather straps, metal rings and other accessories. I love to craft and incorporating craft ideas with crochet is a beautiful concept 🙂

I love how Crochetterie focuses on projects for men. Crochet Designers tend to provide a plethora of patterns suitable for women, girls and babies. I am always searching for patterns for boys and men and Crochetterie includes 30 unique projects perfect for this purpose.

The projects included in this fun collection include:


  • Carry Cushion
  • Storage Basket
  • Log Carrier
  • Jetty Rug
  • Chequered Rug
  • Pattern Rug
  • Poster
  • Speaker Slipcase
  • Band Poster


  • Wayfarer’s Jumper
  • Anchor Pocket (excerpt included below!)
  • Fingerless mittens
  • Neck Warmer
  • Bow Tie
  • Slippers
  • Bowler Hat
  • T-shirt Scarf


  • Passport Bag
  • Bike Bag
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Anchor Bag
  • Can Carrier
  • Folk Bag
  • Lumberjack’s Backpack


  • Yarn Chain
  • Utility Strap
  • Football Bag
  • Bunting
  • Travel Mirror
  • Mat Bag
  • Bee Game

My favorite projects are:

  • Carry Cushion
  • Storage Basket
  • Log Carrier (genius idea!)
  • Neck Warmer
  • Passport Bag
  • Bike Bag (love this!)
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Can Carrier (must make!)
  • Folk Bag
  • Lumberjack’s Backpack
  • Utility Strap
  • Football Bag (aka Soccer Bag!)
  • Travel Mirror

I seem to have quite a few favorites…I do not think I can choose just one – I love the rugs, the yoga bag and all the other items I just listed. The more time I spend browsing through the colorful pages and studying the step-by-step photo instructions the more I want to try to make the items included. Many of the projects use techniques I have never tried myself but with the instructions and photos – I believe I could make them – even the ones which include some sewing (I only have very basic sewing skills) .

There is a great technique section in this book with instructions and step-by-step photos for the stitches and methods used for color changes and even finger crochet. For the super crafty and adventurous there is also a section to explain how you can whittle your own crochet hooks! A final section has been included with a number of Crocheter’s Stretches you can try to help reduce strain and wear on your body when you crochet.

Here’s a little peek inside:


The book is written in UK Crochet Terms with US Crochet Terms also included in parenthesis in each pattern. You simply follow the written instructions and check the parentheses for the US Crochet term. You can see an example below in the excerpt provided by the Publisher.

Excerpted from Crochetterie Copyright © 2016 c/o Jacqui Small LLC, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. Photography by Konsta Linkola.

Anchor pocket

Crochetterie, Anchor Pocket, photography by Konsta Linkola


w: 15 cm (6 in)

h: 17 cm (6 ¾ in)



A small amount of Liina fish net twine, yellow and blue



1.75 mm (size 6)





Crocheting this little anchor pocket won’t take long, and you only need a small ball of yarn. A buttonhole is crocheted at the mouth of the pocket, and the pocket and button sewn onto the T-shirt. The make is crocheted back and forth using a two-colour pillar technique (see below for step-by-step instructions).


Row 1. Chain 40 stitches with the yellow yarn to begin. Work 1 treble (double) stitch onto the fourth stitch from the hook, carry the blue yarn and crochet a tr(dc)-row. Drop the blue yarn one pillar from the end of the row. The row contains 38 tr (dc) in total.

Rows 2–4. Always ch 3 stitches to begin, carry blue yarn and crochet a tr(dc)-row. Always drop blue yarn one pillar from the end of the row. Remember to drop the blue yarn at the wrong side of the work at both edges of the row.

Row 5. Work 12 tr (dc) yellow, 14 tr (dc) blue, 12 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 6. Crochet 9 tr (dc) yellow, 20 tr (dc) blue, 9 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 7. Crochet 7 tr (dc) yellow, 6 tr (dc) blue, 4 tr (dc) yellow, 4 tr (dc) blue, 4 tr (dc) yellow, 6 tr (dc) blue, 7 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 8. Crochet 6 tr (dc) yellow, 4 tr (dc) blue, 7 tr (dc) yellow, 4 tr (dc) blue, 7 tr (dc) yellow, 4 tr (dc) blue, 6 tr (dc) yellow.

Rows 9–10. Crochet 5 tr (dc) yellow, 3 tr (dc) blue, 9 tr (dc) yellow, 4 tr (dc) blue, 9 tr (dc) yellow, 3 tr (dc) blue, 5 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 11. Crochet 17 tr (dc) yellow, 4 tr (dc) blue, 17 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 12. Crochet 12 tr (dc) yellow, 14 tr (dc) blue, 12 tr (dc) yellow.

Rows 13–14. Work as for row 11.

Row 15. Crochet 15 tr (dc) yellow, 8 tr (dc) blue, 15 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 16. Crochet 14 tr (dc) yellow, 3 tr (dc) blue, 4 tr (dc) yellow, 3 tr (dc) blue, 14 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 17. Crochet 13 tr (dc) yellow, 3 tr (dc) blue, 6 tr (dc) yellow, 3 tr (dc) blue, 13 tr (dc) yellow.

Row 18. Work as for row 16.

Row 19. Work as for row 15.

Rows 20–22. Crochet yellow tr(dc)-rows. Crochet a dc (sc)-round around the border of the pocket. Ch a few stitches to the upper border to make a buttonhole. Measure the length of the buttonhole by measuring against your chosen button. Cut yarns and fasten off. Sew pocket onto T-shirt.




1 Begin by crocheting the required number of chain stitches with the first colour (blue). Check that your work isn’t twisted. Join the round of chain stitches into a ring with a slip stitch: insert the hook through the first chain stitch, catch the yarn on the hook and pull through to the right side and through the stitch on the hook. Chain three stitches. These form the first pillar in the row. Catch the yarn on the hook, and carry the second (red) yarn.


2 To change colour, crochet a pillar to the midway point, keeping the second yarn inside

the lower edge of the pillar.


3 Lift the second yarn onto the hook, leaving the first yarn to carry along within the pillar. Catch the second yarn on the hook.


4 Pull the yarn on the hook through the stitches on the hook. Your work now contains one finished colour-change stitch.


5 Crochet an entire pillar with this yarn; the colour will change midway through the next pillar.


6 Continue crocheting pillars, one pillar onto each chain stitch. Carry the non-working yarn along within the lower edges of the pillars. Change the yarn colours according to the pattern instructions.


7 Always chain three stitches to begin each row: these form the first pillar of each row.


8 Continue by crocheting one pillar onto each pillar, catching both yarns from the top edge of the previous row’s pillar on the hook. Carry the non-working yarn along at the second pillar.

Change colours as needed, following your own pattern guide.


9 The pattern will grow evenly while changing colours. You can crochet a variety of different patterns using this technique.

Excerpted from Crochetterie Copyright © 2016 c/o Jacqui Small LLC, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group.
Used by permission of the publisher.
All rights reserved.
Photography by Konsta Linkola.

Crochetterie is a completely original and unique book! It is filled with fun, bright and colorful projects perfectly suited for men (and women – because I want them too!). I really love the bold designs which have been included and they inspired me to search online for Molla Mills’ first book, MODERN CROCHET (which I have now added to my personal wish-list!) and her website Virkkuri. She has a selection of free patterns available on her website you may also want to see. P.S.: Make sure you check out her carpets if you visit her blog!
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  1. WOW….this big has so many patterns in it. Where would you start…lol, Page 1 and grab a hook!
    That anchor is super cute!!!