Crocheted Dream Catchers

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Crocheted Dream Catchers you can make with #2 Nylon Cord, a metal craft ring, or an embroidery hoop.

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Cover - Dream Catchers - Annie's Craft Store - Book Review by Oombawka Design Crochet

Title: Dream Catchers
Designer: Bendy Carter
Available at: Annie’s Craft Store
Current Price: $ 4.99* (electronic download)

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Dream Catchers Book Review

Dream Catchers by Bendy Carter includes 6 patterns you can make with easy-to-find supplies like #2 Nylon Cord and a embroidery hoop (or metal craft ring).

The patterns are written in US crochet terms. The eBook is in full color, with full color images. Bold type and italics are used throughout to emphasize important headings and notes.

Special Stitches are listed at the beginning of any pattern that uses them. One example is the Lark’s Head Knot, which is used in the Star Feather Dream Catcher pattern. The instructions are included, along with a diagram to illustrate how to make this special knot.

I enjoy being able to combine crochet with other elements – I am a true Crafter at heart – and these Dream Catchers are something I’ve been wanting to try for a while.

The instructions included appear very straightforward and easy-to-follow. I do recommend reading through the entire pattern before beginning, including the Pattern Notes and all special stitches.

6 Crocheted Dream Catchers

  • Pure Gold – EASY – Finished Size: 6 inches diameter
  • Star Feather – EASY – Finished Size: 12 inches diameter (not including beads and feathers)
  • Swirling Wheat – EASY – Finished Size: 26.5 inches long (not including beads and feathers)
  • Lone Feather – EASY – Finished Size: 4 inches diameter (not including beads and feathers)
  • Feathered Bonnet – EASY – Finished Size: 12 inches diameter (not including beads and feathers)
  • Moon Phases – EASY – Finished Size: 8 inches diameter (not including beads and feathers)

Take a closer look at the projects you can make >HERE<

Stitch Guide

The basic stitch guide is provided on page 16.  If you need additional help you can check out Annie’s Online Stitch Guide.

Check out their online Stitch Guide >HERE<

The projects were crocheted with Omega Size #2 Nylon Thread. If you are substituting, refer to the gauge information to help you find a suitable replacement cord. One possible replacement I found online was Iris Nylon Crochet Thread.

Some Other Supplies You May Need Include:

  • Size 6/1.80 mm steel crochet hook (all projects)
  • 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch round metal craft rings
  • 12-inch round wood embroidery hoop
  • 4-inch round craft ring
  • round beads, pony beads, oval wood beads, oval tube beads
  • feather picks with loops (Fancy Feathers)
  • dental floss
  • natural twine
  • suede ribbon
  • Clear drying craft glue (all projects)

I have always wanted to make my own Dream Catcher and I think they make lovely gifts and home decor items. My favorite dream catcher included in this book is Moon Phases. 

If you love to make crafts and crochet, then you are going to enjoy trying the Dream Catchers included in this book too!

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Dream Catchers Crochet Pattern Book
Dream Catchers Crochet Pattern Book

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  1. I am a lover of all things Native American, especially Dream Catchers. I love the idea of being able to combine it with crochet.

  2. I love dream catchers. My husband used to make them and gave a lot of them away but we still have some. I have never crocheted any but would love to try someday. This was a great review. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing the Dream Catcher pattern booklet! I never even thought about ‘crocheting’ dream catchers. My best friend had mentioned wanting a dream catcher, now I KNOW I will be making one for her. Thanks again!

  4. I love dreamcatchers and have been wanting to make one or more myself but I have too many projects going on right now. They look so beautiful! And plus my kids requested one also!

  5. Would love to be able to make dream catchers for my kids and grand babies.

  6. Thank you for letting us know what to expect within this book. It helps in the decision process of whether to purchase or not.
    I meant to give a 5 star review but somehow clicked too fast and four registered instead. Sorry.

  7. I’ve always wanted to try and make Dream Catchers, I’ve always liked the legend behind them. looking over your review of this book they make it very easy to understand how to make them. This will be a great project for after the holidays.

  8. Wow, I didn’t even know you COULD crochet dreamcatchers, now I really want to!

  9. You leave such great reviews. With a plethora of crochet books and magazines out there it is nice to know which are good or not

  10. I have always wanted to a dream catcher and I don’t know why I haven’t. I know how to Lace Filet Crochet using steel crochet hooks which is a lot of what a Dream Catcher is about from what I have always been told. I would definitely do as you suggest and read through the pattern first.

  11. Love your review, and how I know exactly what I need for materials before I even get the book. The project is so pretty it’s on my list of things to try!

  12. There are some really beautiful designs in this book. I’d love to try some!

  13. Lovely how you provide all the necessary materials and sizes of each dream catcher 🙂

  14. Once again you provide a review that gets me wanting to get into making dream catchers. Thank you

  15. I’m Intrigued by the Shaped Afghans Crochet Pattern Book.

    Thank you Rhondda for your excellent newsletter – so full of inspiration and encouragement.

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