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One part of being a Crochet Blogger which I really love is when I am sent samples of yarn and other crochet products to try, for free! Mary Maxim recently sent me some lovely yarn samples – and when I say recently, I mean I received them on March 21st – I was so excited to try the yarn I sat down on Tuesday night and designed a new hat pattern!

When I opened my package I pulled out this beautiful soft yarn:

Crochet Yarn Talk - Oombawka Design Crochet - Mary Maxim Ultra Mellowspun DK

Brand: Mary Maxim
Yarn Name: Ultra Mellowspun DK
Weight: Light [3]
Yarn Ball Weight: 1.75 oz (49 g)
Yarn Ball Length: 174 yds (159.105 m)
Fiber Content: 70% Acrylic; 30% Nylon
Care Instructions: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry
Price: $2.99 (at the time of this post)

Ultra Mellowspun DK is a light weight, super soft yarn. It is currently available in 31 pretty colors. The color I received is Dark Mauve (554817).

I enjoyed working with this yarn – with both my wood hooks and my aluminum hooks. The yarn fibers were evenly wound and they did not separate, or snag on my hook as I crocheted.

The yarn comes wound in a loose ball (somewhat flat in shape). I recommend winding this yarn into a traditional yarn ball by hand (or with a yarn winder) before using it.

Ultra Mellowspun DK is an excellent yarn to work with and it did not fluff or fray as I crocheted with it – it held its shape beautifully and I am very pleased with the stitch definition I achieved.

Would you like a closer look?

I designed a free crochet pattern using this yarn – and Darla has already claimed this hat for herself (sorry cousins and neighbors!).

Sweet Spring Hat Free Pattern Oombawka Design Crochet Sizes Preemie to Adult Large

This free pattern is available in sizes preemie to adult large and you can access it here on my blog:

Sweet Spring Hat

With the wide-range of colors available, the softness and easy care instructions and the excellent price point, I definitely recommend Mary Maxim’s Ultra Mellowspun DK Yarn. It only took one ball of yarn to crochet Darla’s hat (size 6-10 years size).

I would like to thank Mary Maxim for sending me these free samples of their Ultra Mellowspun DK Yarn.

For more information about Mary Maxim please visit their Website, Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook.


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  1. WOW, In your review you describe everything about this yarn that I didn’t expect. It sounds like a really great yarn to use but wish it could/would be sold at big box stores. I just really like to feel it prior to buying. It looks like a 4 weight and the color you have here is so pretty just as your model and hat are.

  2. I’ve often wondered about this brand of yarn, thank you for the review.

  3. Thank you for the review – I will have to try it – I love DK yarn. It crochets up beautifully.

  4. Thank you Christine! I will have to ask about that one too – I honestly had never tried any of Mary Maxim’s yarns before – I have a ball of Simply Casual to try here too and I can’t wait to get my hook into it! Trying to get my ‘work’ done so I can play 🙂 I will check the Fresh yarn next if I get a chance 🙂 Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  5. I’d like to also chime in on mary maxim yard. I love the mary maxim “fresh”, it is 3.5 ounce and 290 yards. 100% acrylic, It is a light #3 and machine wash and dry. It is so very soft. It quotes “Soft luxurious acrylic with the look and feel of cotton. It is a totally soft soft cotton, not what you would expect.
    It’s like a fingerling, but I think it’s a 2-ply (but don’t quote me). I would recommend this yard also. I like mary maxim yarn, I know if you give it a try…you will too.

  6. I really like it too Catherine 🙂 I used my second ball to do a video tutorial for one of the hats in size preemie and it is so easy to work with! Thank you for leaving a comment about your experience with the yarn too – I also struggle to find DK weight yarns in pretty colors – they always seem to be more common here in pastels. Have a lovely weekend, Rhondda

  7. I like how the Ultra Mellowspun DK comes in lots of different colors, not just baby pastels (unlike Bernat Softee Baby, which is the only DK-weight yarn I can get at the one store in my hometown which sells yarn). I once received a couple of balls of Ultra Mellowspun DK in one of Mary Maxim’s “yarn surprise boxes”. Although I didn’t have a DK-weight project to work on at the time, I was able to use it double-stranded in a granny-square baby blanket I was making for charity in mostly Aran/worsted-weight yarns. (The completed blanket looked just like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, and the bits in double-stranded Ultra Mellowspun DK didn’t appear noticeably heavier than the bits in single-stranded worsted-weight yarn, so I’d call it a success.)