Crochet Tip of the Week – Secure Your Work

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A tip my husband’s Grandma shared with me – if you need to put your work down – chain-1 and pull the loop on your hook away from your work (with your crochet hook), while holding the last stitch with your fingers and allowing it to tighten. This will create a ‘slip-knot’ and you won’t lose your stitches (as easily) if small-hands or playful animals grab hold and pull on your yarn. To start-up again, just pull the yarn end to remove the last stitch and begin crocheting.

Or, if you use stitch markers (or have a safety pin) you can insert that into the stitch on your hook, remove your hook and your work will be secure (this is my favourite way to save my work).

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  1. What a fantastic idea Chris! I am the most terrible for putting down a wip and not remember what hook I was using!! Thank you for sharing this great tip! (100 markers for $2.00 is a steal! Good find!!) Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  2. I found a site online that had 100 of the markers for $2.00. Needless to say I ordered a bag. Now I have plenty, for all my projects. I even use a permanent marker pen & write on one the size hook I usually put it at the beginning, just in case that way when I get back to it I’m not trying to remember the hook size.