Crochet Tip of the Week – Be Consistent

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This week I have a very simple crochet tip of the week to share with you. Something you may have never though about before but it actually does make a difference. If you change the way you turn your project, from row to row, the ends of your project will look different.

Crochet Tip of the Week

Be Consistent

The same holds true for when you are crocheting and you ‘yarn over’. You can ‘yarn over’ from front to back, or back to front – but when you vary the way you ‘yarn over’ from stitch to stitch, or even within a stitch – your finished stitch will have a different appearance from the surrounding stitches.

Such a small thing – yet it can make your stitches visually different when compared to the surrounding stitches and/or if you are comparing your work to another project and unable to achieve the ‘look’ they have achieved.

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  1. This is such a minor sounding thing, but it does seem to help! Fernanda, I believe it means when you reach the end of the row and the pattern says “turn” (you actually flip the piece over to begin the next row), you must always do it either; lift the left side and turn to the right, or lift the right side and turn to the left. I’ve seen a left-handed friend have difficulty with this.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi, I’m brazilian and maybe because my english is no very good I don’t undersatand what you mean when you say “turn in the same direction”. What does it means ‘the same direction’. I can’t see how you can turn in diferent directions. How a direction can be diferent of another? To me, theres always only one direction. I’m not sure if a always do the same directions or if I cannot see the diference. The same thing about the diference between stitches with yarn over. I’m not sure I could explain my doubts, but…
    Well, I’d like to say how enjoing was to find your website. Your tips and patterns are wonderful. The tip about the alternative ways to work in the starting chain was amazing. I always used number 2 and NEVER thought about the possibility of other too. Thank you very much for spending your time sharing.