Crochet Tip of the Week – Use the Same Crochet Hook for the Whole Project

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Here’s how it works.

Many of us have multiple crochet hooks in the same size –

It is very important to use the same hook for your crochet project.


  • crochet hooks from different manufacturers vary slightly in size, shape and composition
  • we crochet differently depending on the type of hook we use

Here is an example:

When I crochet with my soft touch crochet hooks, I allow the loops on my hook to slide on the hook until they ‘bump’ into the ergonomic ‘handle’.

I like the consistency I get in my stitches because I always work them to the same spot on the hook.

When I use my aluminium hooks I cannot control with as much precision the point to which I allow my stitches to slide. This causes some of my loops to be slightly larger/smaller than the others because the hook becomes larger the further away from the tip you get.

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