10 Free Crochet Snowmen Patterns For Winter

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With the snow falling outside it really reminded me that winter is truly here to stay.
My children are already waiting for the snow to get deep enough for them to make their first snow-people of the year…
I am sitting here trying to stay warm and hoping the sun will come out long enough to thaw the ice on my van’s windshield so I don’t have to scrape!
In honour of all the Littles out there that love snow…
This week’s category is: Crochet Snowmen

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Crochet Snowmen For Winter - Free Crochet Patterns

10 Free Crochet Snowmen Patterns For Winter

1. Frosty the Snowman – Amigurumi Pattern – by Stephanie Garcia (CrochetCute)

2. Crochet Snowman Hat – by Sarah Zimmerman (Repeat Crafter Me)

3. Snowman Jar Cozy –  by Doni Speigle (Whiskers and Wool)

4. Snowman Christmas Bunting by Wendy Poole

5. Snowman Cup Cozy by Yarn Artists

6. Bumble Hat ( Abominable Snowman Rudolf ) – by Rachel Solberg

7. Crochet Snowman Applique – by Sarah Zimmerman (Repeat Crafter Me)

8. Snowman Baby Bib – by Jocelyn Sass – Photo Credit: by cutecrochet  on Flickr

9. Snowmen Family Ornaments – by Vanja (AmigurumiBB)

10. Bo the Snowman – by Roxycraft

Need more crochet snowmen? You will find plenty of snowmen in the following collections too:



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