Crochet Santa Pillow for the Holidays

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A few weeks ago I signed up for a free trial of Annie’s Creative Studio. I wanted to make one of these adorable crochet Santa Pillows for the Holidays.

Santa Pillow Crochet Along

I started this pillow a couple of weeks ago before our household came down with a lovely virus. We are finally all on the mend now (yeah!) so I was able to get back to work on the pillow yesterday. We always decorate our home and set up our Christmas Tree on the first weekend of December, so it was time to get my crochet Santa pillow done!

I crocheted the 2 blue pillow blocks while I was waiting for Darla and Drew to be done their swimming lessons on Wednesday evenings. The blocks were easy projects to bring with me on-the-go since the stitch pattern was simple and easy to remember. My son snapped this of me while we were waiting for Darla to finish her lesson last Wednesday.

3 Crochet Santa Pillow. Oombawka Design Crochet Christmas

So as of yesterday, I still needed to complete the embellishments, the assembly and seaming portion of the project.

I started with the hat and the face embellishments which worked up very quickly. Then I crocheted the mustache, nose, cheeks and mouth. Then the hat band (which was designed with a neat technique) and the ball at the end of the hat. The leaves and red berry for the hat came next. I was able to make all of the embellishments (except the beard petals) in about an hour.

I left the beard petals until last because there were 45 petals I needed to crochet…and I have to tell you I was NOT looking forward to the beard part of this project. All I could think was, if there are 45 individual pieces that means there are 90 ends…

The beard petals took me about 60 minutes to crochet. See all those ends? Yikes!

1 Crochet Santa Pillow. Oombawka Design Crochet Christmas

It was time for assembly. I pulled up the video for the Santa Afghan & Pillow Crochetalong on my phone and watched a demonstration on how to assemble and attach the parts to the pillow block. For those who are working on this too, the assembly instructions are included at the beginning of Part 4.

4 Crochet Santa Pillow. Oombawka Design Crochet Christmas

I popped a show on Netflix (I started watching Altered Carbon last week) and I stayed up until I not only finished all 45 beard petals, but until I had assembled them onto the pillow and I had woven in all those nasty ends.

Small Side Note: The beard petals didn’t take that long to assemble. You only have to attach the petals on the top edges 🙂

Then today, (while I tried not to take over and rearrange every ornament my two little ones put on the tree) I seamed the pillow squares together and stuffed a 16 inch pillow form inside.

Crochet Santa Pillow. Oombawka Design Crochet Christmas 2018

I think he turned out pretty cute! I would make him again too, even with all those beard petals! He is the perfect addition to our holiday decorations and he will be put away every year just like our Little Santa and be something the children look forward to getting back December 1st!

For this project I used a 5 mm (H) hook to reach gauge to make the 16 inch squares and I used the exact colors and yarns recommended in the instructions. I did make his cheeks full circles rather than the half circles they were in the instructions – accidentally actually. I was sewing in my one end on each and just automatically closed the circles. It gave them a bit of a puffy texture which I like so I left them that way when I attached them.

If you are making just the pillow like me you will need 2 balls of the Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Light Blue – E300_381. I had to start the second ball to edge my second square and seam the pillow blocks together.

If you want to make your own crochet Santa Pillow, the pattern and videos are still available in the free trial from Annie’s Creative Studio.

Sign up for your free trial at Annie’s Creative Studio here and download the PDF copy of this pattern for free (click the Pattern tab after you sign up for your free trial to get the PDF) today!

The Crochet Santa Pillow CAL is presented in 4 Crochet Skill Builders Episodes by Lee Sartori.  All four videos are currently available in Annie’s Creative Studio.

5 Crochet Santa Pillow. Oombawka Design Crochet Christmas

Annie’s Creative Studio includes many different programs, CALs and free patterns for crocheting, knitting, quilting and sewing.

There are a lot of different programs being added weekly, so be sure check it out while you have your free trial period!  Here are a couple that I am interested in:

Creative Studio

Granny Square Christmas

Creative Studio

Inverin Sweater


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  1. I LOVE Santa’s and thanks for your review I want to make this

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  3. Your pillow is so cute and festive! Thanks for the review – sounds makeable to me! LOL!

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  5. I love this Santa pillow. Added to my list of items to make this year.

  6. Beautiful! Not traditionally christmas which makes this an every day pillow!!

  7. I like how you showed how the pillow came together bit by bit so that we could see if this is something we think we could tackle.

  8. Love the Santa pillow, but don’t think I’ve got enough patience for thst beard!