Crochet Powder Puff

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Powder Puff

Crochet Powder Puff Pattern @OombawkaDesign

I created this to use as a powder puff for myself but I think it is equally suited to use as a scrub pad or even in the bath as an alternative to a wash cloth.

Hook: 4.00 mm G
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (worsted weight)

Abbreviations: R- Row, bl – back loop, st – stitch, sts – stitches, blhdc – back loop half double crochet, blhdc2tog – back loop half double crochet 2 stitches together, ch – chain, sc – single crochet

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  • You will be working into the back loop for this entire project!!
  • Do not skip the 1st st of the row unless specified.

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Crochet Puff Pattern @OombawkaDesign Crochet Puff Pattern @OombawkaDesign Crochet Puff Pattern @OombawkaDesign

R1: chain 17, **remember you are working in the back loop for this project** begin in the 2nd st from the hook, 2 blhdc in the st (note you may wish to mark the 1st st), 1 blhdc in each of the next 13 sts, blhdc2tog over the last 2 stitches. Chain 2, turn. (16)

R2: 1 blhdc2tog over the first 2 stitches, 1 blhdc in each of the next 13 sts, 2 blhdc in the last st, ch 2, turn. (16)

R3: 2 blhdc in the first st, 1 blhdc in each of the next 13 sts, blhdc2tog over the last 2 stitches. Chain 2, turn. (16)

R4: 1 blhdc2tog over the first 2 stitches, 1 blhdc in each of the next 13 sts, 2 blhdc in the last st, ch 2, turn. (16)

Repeat R3 and R4, 9 more times. (3.5″ wide, 10 inches long, after seamed and flattened it is 5″ in length). The circle has a flat circle diameter of approximately 4-inches.

Puff Tut @OombawkaDesign

Step 1: Fold the project in half to line up the starting chain with the last row of stitches worked. Both sides of fabric are essentially the same but if you have one side you like better make that side be on the inside.

Step 2: Now either whip stitch or slip stitch the edges together. Turn the project right-side out. Cut a long tail to use to finish the sewing of the other two edges.

Puff Tut @OombawkaDesign

Step 3: Thread the yarn tail on a yarn needle and weave the yarn tail in and out between the stitches of the row ends. Cinch (i.e. pull the yarn tail firmly)  to tighten.
Step 4:  Insert the needle through the small centre hole left after cinching the row ends closed and bring the needle to the other side to weave through the row ends on the other side too. Cinch firmly to tighten and weave ends in securely.


Leave a long tail for sewing this band to the powder puff. You need this long tail on both ends of the strap!

R1: Chain 6, beginning in 2nd chain from the hook and 1 sc in each st across. Ch 1 and turn.
R2: 1 sc in each st across, ch 1 turn
R3-18: repeat R2, finish off leaving a long tail to sew to the powder puff.

Sew the strap to one side of the puff and then directly across to the other side.

The finished strap is approximately 4.5″ long and just under 1.5″ wide.

Where I found this technique:

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  1. I made such a scrubbie already with thin yarn as an embellishment for a skirt …but this is even a more useful idea …I might make one for my cousin …I guess she would like it

  2. Thank you so much, I love this scrubby. I am going to make as is and then try with tutu netting along with the cotton as well. If it works out, I will let you know.