Crochet Patterns from the Purple Poncho

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Hi Crocheters! Today we are having a Meet and Greet with Carolyn Calderon from The Purple Poncho.

Learn more about Carolyn, her crochet business The Purple Poncho and find the links to some of her fabulous free crochet patterns below.

Be sure to check out her Floaty Poncho (premium pattern) design too, it is also listed below, just before our free pattern roundup and it is stunning!

This post includes just a small sampling of all the wonderful patterns, tutorials and projects she has available for you online. Be sure to check out her social media channels for even more goodies!

You can find and follow The Purple Poncho online:


Crochet Designer Feature: The Purple Poncho

Meet Carolyn Calderon

Question: Who are you? Tell me about yourself.

Hello, I’m Carolyn Calderon, the designer and instructor behind The Purple Poncho website. I love to create beautiful and unique designs in crochet, knit, and Tunisian crochet. You’ll find easy and fun to make patterns, and video tutorials on various stitches and patterns.

Question: How did you learn how to crochet? How long have you been crocheting?

My Grandma taught me how to crochet when I was very young. I grew up enjoying lots of crafts, such as macramé, knitting, beading, weaving, embroidery, sewing and of course, crocheting.

Question: Do you have any tips for new crocheters? Any guidance to make them successful at a new hobby?

My tip for new crocheters would be don’t give up, and find a designer that you like their pattern writing style and teaching.

Question: What do you enjoy crocheting the most?

My favorite things are granny squares, blankets, garments, accessories, home décor, and holiday items. I enjoy making everything in crochet, I can’t pick just one.

Question: What else are you passionate about (other than crochet)?

I’m learning how to knit properly by taking classes, so that has been really fun. I also enjoy walking in nature, doing yoga, learning new things, teaching crochet in person and online, and spending time with loved ones.

Question: What prompted you to start designing?

It has been a long road to become a designer. I started out selling my finished items at craft fairs, but soon found that wasn’t for me. So I turned to social media and learned of pattern sites to sell my patterns and gave that a try. My friends and family have been a huge support to encourage me to put my designs online.

Question: How long have you been designing and where do you publish your patterns?

I have patterns in my Ravelry shop, on LoveCrafts, YouTube, and in numerous magazines and yarn websites. My first independent pattern is in Ravelry dating back to 2013.

Question: What drives you to create? Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration for my designs can come from numerous places such as nature, the yarn itself, and geometric shapes to name a few. It can also come from a request from someone or a special event such as a wedding or birthday.

Question: What do you enjoy designing the most?

It’s hard to pinpoint what I enjoy designing the most. I do offer a lot of Christmas patterns and love to design snowflakes, ornaments, and coasters for the holidays.

Question: What tips would you give to someone interested in designing and blogging?

There are so many niches in this industry, find what you love to make, and follow that path. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trend, but focus on, and make what brings you the most joy.

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Question: Do you have a favorite yarn you like to use when you are crocheting? What colors and fibers do you gravitate toward when choosing your yarn?

This is a really hard question to answer, I do favorite every yarn, color and fiber that I work with. Right now, I’m loving the DK weight yarns in natural cotton fibers, but that is subject to change at any moment.

Question: Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us?




Along with some fantastic free crochet patterns, Carolyn also has some stunning premium patterns available. One example is the Floaty Poncho (pictured immediately below).

Floaty Poncho Crochet Pattern by Carolyn Calderon. Crochet projects shot on model Zara Sparks
Premium Pattern

This premium pattern is a lacy crochet pattern made in cotton yarn that is perfect for layering. It’s great to throw over shorts and tank top, jeans and t-shirt, or dress it up for an elegant evening out. Get your copy here.

Free Crochet Patterns from The Purple Poncho

Designer Feature - The Purple Poncho
Free Crochet Patterns by Carolyn Calderon of The Purple Poncho.

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Designer Feature - The Purple Poncho
Free Crochet Patterns by Carolyn Calderon of The Purple Poncho.

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Crochet Patterns from The Purple Poncho

Granny Square Bag Crochet Pattern white beach Crochet by Carolyn - Carolyn Calderon

Granny Square Bag

One of the first things a new crocheter learns how to make is the granny square. Make a bunch and join them together to make this beautiful bag. Includes a video on how to make the square.

Read More
Lilac Flower Trellis 12 In Square free crochet pattern on Crochet by Carolyn - Carolyn Calderon

Flower Trellis 12” Square

A pretty pattern with some intermediate stitch placement that is fun for every skill level. Begin by making the round flower and then turn it into a square. Includes a video tutorial.

Watch the Video Read More
Crochet Pineapple Lace Poncho Free Crochet Pattern on The Purple Poncho - Carolyn Calderon

Pineapple Poncho

A light, lacy garment, that can be worn year round, featuring a lacy stitch combination with a pineapple edging.

Read More
Peppermint-Christmas-Coasters-Free-Pattern-by-The-Purple-Poncho - Carolyn Calderon

Peppermint Coasters

These make great gifts for anyone on your list. Make them in the traditional red and white, or mix it up and go for colorful coasters.

Watch the Video Read More
Free Crochet Pattern Christmas Light Bulbs on Crochet by Carolyn - Carolyn Calderon

Christmas Light Bulbs

A festive holiday crochet pattern to make, you’ll want to make multiple lights in all your favorite colors. These can be strung into a garland or used individually as an ornament.

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Free Crochet Pattern on The Purple Poncho Tunisian Simple Scarf Crochet by Carolyn - Carolyn Calderon

Tunisian Simple Scarf

This scarf is a great project to get the feel of this technique by practicing the repetitiveness of the stitch. Includes a video tutorial.

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Yellow Ear Warmer Crown Free Crochet Pattern on Crochet by Carolyn - Carolyn Calderon

Ear Warmer Crown

Make this crown in your favorite color, embellishment it with beads, or keep it plain and simple. This is fun to wear for the holidays or for a birthday celebration.

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Crochet Flower Pop Granny Square Blanket on Crochet by Carolyn - Carolyn Calderon

Flower Pop Granny Square Blanket

This blanket is very versatile and full of popcorns. The six inch squares are fun and fast to make and are a great way to use up leftover yarn. Includes a video tutorial.

Read More
Crochet Rose Cup Cozy Free Pattern on Crochet by Carolyn - Carolyn Calderon

Crochet Rose Cup Cozy

A really pretty and fun to make project. Quickly make this easy sleeve using small amounts of yarn. Add one or several roses to the front, and they are great gifts for family and friends!

Watch the Video Read More

Videos in this Collection

Flower Trellis 12” Square

Peppermint Coasters

Crochet Rose Cup Cozy


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