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Hi Crocheters! Today we are having a Meet and Greet with Joanita Theron from Creative Crochet Workshop.

Learn more about Joanita Theron, her crochet business Creative Crochet Workshop and find the links to some of her fabulous free crochet patterns below.

This post includes just a small sampling of all the wonderful patterns, tutorials and projects she has available for you online. Be sure to check out her social media channels for even more goodies!

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Crochet Designer Feature: Creative Crochet Workshop

Meet Joanita Theron

Question: Who are you? Tell me about yourself.

My name is Joanita Theron and I am a crochet designer. I have been designing for almost 15 years but have been online with my own website for ten years. I love what I do. I truly believe crochet is an art and crocheters it’s artists. Each crafted item is unique and own to its crafter.

Question: How did you learn how to crochet? How long have you been crocheting?

I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was very young. But started professionally fifteen years ago and am self taught.

Question: Do you have any tips for new crocheters? Any guidance to make them successful at a new hobby?

The only tip I can give a new crocheter is to have FUN and never give up. Mistakes are part of the process, if I had to point each mistake in my crochet makes I would be a millionaire. Crochet is a fun hobby and there is always something new to learn.

Question: What do you enjoy crocheting the most?

I seem to have an affinity for squares, so I would say probably blankets and cushions. But I do love to make shawls too.

Question: What else are you passionate about (other than crochet)?

Writing! I love to write. I do occasionally painting and drawing too.

Question: What prompted you to start designing?

Oh, I could possibly give many reasons for this. But I think the most valued one would be I could not find exactly what I wanted to crochet and decided to try designing it myself. It did help that I was at home and pregnant with my daughter at the time!

Question: How long have you been designing and where do you publish your patterns?

Designing professionally for ten years. My patterns (free) can be found on my website and I sell on Etsy and Ravelry too.

Question: What drives you to create? Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

In the past it had been my daughter and it was a new found hobby. But in the last few years I have slowed down a bit and have been driven to rather create things I need or I am really motivated to do. Inspiration comes from everywhere! I love to play with color and I am obsessed to creating designs allows your imagination to run wild.

Question: What do you enjoy designing the most?

Designs where you can use oddments of yarn – like my Scraps of Yarn designs! Blankets, pillows and bags that are made up with a variety of squares and stitches.

Question: What tips would you give to someone interested in designing and blogging?

Stay true to yourself. Find your niche and what you are passionate about. Following other designers and bloggers are great as a resource, but finding your own identity will allow you to create and thrive without losing your own identity.

Learn How to Set Up a Successful Blog

Question: What goals have you set for yourself for the future?

To relax more and truly spend time just creating. And maybe finally crochet something for myself!

Question: Who are your favorite makers? How have they inspired you?

Oh my gosh! There are so many! I have made so many friends over the years and they all inspire me and leave me in awe.

Question: Do you have a favorite yarn you like to use when you are crocheting? What colors and fibers do you gravitate toward when choosing your yarn?

I do have a favorite yarn! Vinnis Colours is a local company in South Africa that hand dyes natural yarn. I love using their Nikkim and Serina.

I prefer using natural yarns like cotton and bamboo. I am an autumn coloring person and I seem to somehow always gravitate to blues, reds, greens and browns. Any rainbow or pastels in my designs are my daughter’s influence.

Question: Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us?







Free Crochet Patterns from Creative Crochet Workshop

Learn more about Joanita Theron, her crochet business Creative Crochet Workshop and find the links to some of her fabulous free crochet patterns below.

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Free Patterns from Creative Crochet Workshop

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Free Crochet Patterns from Creative Crochet Workshop

Scrapstopia Crochet Blanket - Joanita Theron

Scrapstopia Crochet Blanket

A fun, unique blanket worked in a variety of stitches and squares. A puzzle constructed as you crochet.

A Scraps of Yarn Project:
The perfect project to do to use up all your bits and pieces from your leftover yarn.
This is completely optional, and it can be worked in coordinated colours.

Difficulty Level | Skills Required
- Easy
Basic stitches in simple variations, simple repeats, color changes, shaping and finishing.
You will need to know basic stitches like SC (single crochet) and DC (double crochet).
Special stitches explained and provided in the instructions.

Hooks: 3.50 mm (E) & 4.00 mm (G)
Yarn needle

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Crochet A Block Blanket - Joanita Theron

Crochet A Block 2021 Blanket

Crochet 25 squares - each different and unique to make a beautiful throw.

What you will crochet:
25 Unique Squares (each square will be different in design); Joining the squares; Border.

Skill Level: Intermediate


Yarn – Vinnis Colours Nikkim (cotton yarn) – approx 26 x 50 g balls – approx 3380 yards (3094 meters) ( 45,5 oz) (colors listed in pattern); Weight – DK (11 wpi) 3 : Light
Hook – 4.00 mm (G) – I used Clover
Yarn needle

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Granny Flower Blanket - Joanita Theron

Granny Flower Crochet Blanket

This Granny Flower Crochet Blanket is made up by two different squares arranged in rows. The flower motif square brings a 3d elegance.

Yarn –Vinnis Colours Serina (bamboo yarn) approx 2904 yards (2664 meters) 24 x 50 g balls
Weight – Sport (12 wpi)
Hook - 3.50 mm (E) – Clover
Yarn needle

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Autumn Velvet Shawl - Joanita Theron

Autumn Velvet Shawl

The Autumn Velvet Crochet Shawl is a richly textured and deep colored shawl that consists of strips made in various stitch patterns. A fun project to learn new stitches or just brush up your crochet skill.

Yarn – Vinnis Colours Serina (bamboo yarn) – approx 1210 yards (110 meters) 10 x 50 g balls (colors listed in Pattern Notes); Weight – DK (11 wpi) 3: Light.
Hook - 3.50 mm (E) - I used Clover
Yarn needle

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Blues Melody Baby Blanket - Joanita Theron

Blues Melody Baby Crochet Blanket

The Blues Melody Baby Blanket consists of 12 unique hexagon designs, each design made twice to complete a 24 hexagon baby blanket. Completed with a Bobble and Front Post border.

Yarn - Eco-Cotton DK Nurturing Fibres
Hook - 3.75 mm (F) - I used Clover
Yarn needle

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Dancing Water Lilies Wrap - Joanita Theron

Dancing Water Lilies Wrap

This delicate Dancing Water Lilies Wrap joins 4 raised flower squares together with a lacy shell join and border.

Easy to Intermediate - this wrap is easy to do although you will need the following basic crochet knowledge -
not recommended for beginners

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Scrapsadelic Groovy Cushion - Joanita Theron

Scrapsadelic Groovy Cushion

The perfect project to do to use up all your bits and pieces from your leftover yarn.

Easy to Intermediate - stitches will range from easy to slightly more advanced.

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Autumn Falls Wrap - Joanita Theron

Autumn Falls Wrap

A beautiful multi stitch pattern that can be worked up in complimentary colors or would be a great stash buster and leftover yarn project!

Easy yet challenging and fun.
Concentration is required - please note that stitch count is important!

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Scrapsadelic Groovy Bag - Joanita Theron

Scrapsadelic Groovy Bag

The perfect project to do to use up all your bits and pieces from your leftover yarn.

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Boho Chic Bracelet - Joanita Theron

Boho Chic Bracelet

Perfect for leftover yarn. Add beads and charms for a little chic style. Easy – Simple shaping and finishing.

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