Crochet Hook Sizes Reference Chart

Over the last dozen years, the crochet world has literally exploded online! You can find crochet tutorials, YouTube videos, crochet books and crochet tools at popular online shops, as well as, your own favorite local retailers.

There are many amazing YouTube Video Tutorials for crochet patterns online and some are not in English. When you are viewing those it is easy enough to watch and replicate the stitches being shown but when the hook is being shown in an alternate size to what you are used to seeing, you may not know what comparable hook to choose from your own collection.

I have created a list of crochet hook sizes you can reference and save for later, just in case you need it. It includes crochet hook sizes from 2.00 mm to 30 mm and if there are US and/or UK sizes I have included those too. I hope this is a helpful reference for you!

I have also included links to some of my favorite ergonomic hooks AND some links to the larger size hooks which you may not have seen at your LYS (local yarn shop).

2020 Crochet Hook Sizes US UK Metric

Crochet Hook Sizes Reference Chart

2.00 mm 14
2.25 mm B/1 13
2.50 mm 12
2.75 mm C/2 11
3.00 mm 11
3.25 mm D/3 10
3.50 mm E/4 9
3.75 mm F/5
4.00 mm G/6 8
4.25 mm G
4.50 mm 7 7
5.00 mm H/8 6
5.50 mm I/9 5
6.00 mm J/10 4
6.50 mm K/10.5 3
7.00 mm 2
8.00 mm L/11
9.00 mm M/N – 13
10.00 mm N/P – 15
11.50 mm P/16
12.00 mm 17
15.00 mm P/Q
15.75 mm Q
16.00 mm Q
17.50 mm R
19.00 mm S/35
25 mm 50
30 mm T/X – 65

You can also PIN these Crochet Hook Size Reference Charts for later if you prefer:

PIN the standard hook sizes here

2020 Crochet Hook Sizes Reference Chart from Oombawka Design

PIN the jumbo hook sizes here

2020 Crochet Hook Sizes US UK Metric Jumbo Crochet Hooks

Where you can find Standard Crochet Hooks:


I love my Clover Amour Set. It includes 10 hooks with soft handles and a flat section to use for your thumb. These hooks are available to purchase separately (if you only need one size) and they include hook sizes: 2.24 mm (B), 2.75 mm (C), 3.25 mm (D), 3.50 mm (E) 3.75 mm (F), 4.00 mm (G), 4.50 mm (7), 5.00 mm (H),  5.50 mm (I) and 6.00 mm (J).

The full set often goes on sale at Amazon, so save it in your wish list there and watch for price drops! Here’s the direct link: Clover 3672 Amour Crochet Hook Set (10 Sizes)


If you prefer polymer clay handled ergonomic hooks (which I also love using) my favorite vendor is on Etsy and you may have seen some of her hooks being used in my YouTube Videos. I love how Karen makes the pinched section on the handle where I can rest my thumb and the size of the handle is large enough to sit comfortably in the palm of my hand. You can check out all of Karen’s beautiful handmade handled hooks on Instagram @PedrosPlaques. You can follow her there to find out when she has new hook designs available, or check out her shop here: Pedro’s Plaques and Pretty Things


Furls carries a lovely collection of ergonomic hooks, ranging from lightweight and more affordable, Steamline Hooks to luxurious Alpha Series Wooden Crochet Hooks) They also have a bright and fun collection of professional grade polyresin hooks, their Candy Shop hooks. Every hook is handmade, ergonomic and gorgeous to look at and crochet with.  You can see all they available hooks here: Furls Crochet Hook Collections

Where you can find Jumbo Crochet Hooks:

I have the Jumbo Crochet Hooks from Clover Amour. They are ergonomic and lightweight but they are a plastic-type material (not my favorite kind of hook to work with). They are ergonomic and lightweight but the handle is a harder plastic, not soft and rubbery like the Amour.

You can see the available Jumbo Hook sizes here:

6.5 mm

7 mm

8 mm

9 mm

10 mm

12 mm

15 mm

Susan Bates has a regular 11.5 mm hook available.

Furls also makes 3 Jumbo Hook Sizes and in the past they have been available in Mango, Rosewood or Ebony. They have sizes 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm. You can see these handmade, ergonomic crochet hooks here: Furls Jumbo Crochet Hooks

If you have a crochet hook (or knitting needle) without a size listed on it, you can use this handy tool to check your hook size (it goes all the way up to Crochet Hook Size P):

Susan Bates Knit-Check and Gauge Tool

I have had and have used this tool for many years! I like to collect antique crochet hooks when I see them at thrift stores and antique stores – and many times there are no sizes listed on those hooks!

I hope this post has been helpful to someone!

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  1. Hi Angela, it can make a difference for garments and items that need to fit someone. Less so with projects like blankets. I haven’t heard of an 11.5 mm hook before – I would check your gauge against that being used in the pattern and then if you can reach it using the 12 mm you should be fine 🙂 You may need to use a smaller size though. All the best, Rhondda

  2. Hi! Such an informative post! I too love the Clover Amour hooks but I make a lot of chunky afghans and several of my patterns call for an 11.5mm hook but Clover do not make this size, only a 12mm. While .5mm is a teeny tiny measurement, it can make a difference over something as big as an afghan. Have you found this to be a problem too?

  3. Thank you Ada 🙂 I’m happy I can help you find things you can use 🙂 Wishing you the very best, Rhondda

  4. Your size charts are priceless Dear! Often I spent long time on your Site and always find something helpful and new to learn about crocheting.
    Thank you for your sharing tips and free patterns – I know how much time and effort to take to share them with others. Crochet Hugs!