Crochet Hat Size Chart

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This Crochet Hat Size Chart includes the measurements you need to know to be able to make crocheted hats that will fit babies, children and/or adults. The important measurements I have included are: hat height, hat circumference and hat width.

These crochet hat sizes and measurements are meant as a starting point. When you are designing your own hats there are a lot of things to take into consideration, like negative ease, the type of yarn you are using, the stitch pattern you are using and how bulky (thick) the yarn is.

For a more detailed look at how to make hats that fit, please read my detailed post that includes measurements and helpful tips and tricks to help you make beanies and slouch hats that fit.

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Crochet Hat Size Chart

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These are the hat size measurements I use when working with Medium Weight Acrylic Yarns [4] and DK / Light Weight Acrylic Yarns [3]. I find acrylic yarns have some stretch to them so I allow 2 inches of negative ease (ie the hat is 2 inches smaller than the head measurement for the size).

The Hat heights listed below will create a hat that will reach the base of the earlobe.

For hat heights that reach the top of the ear and slouch hat heights, please see my detailed post: How to Crochet a Beanie that Fits.

TIP: Increase the hat circumference by 1-inch when using cotton yarns to be sure the finished hat will still fit .

Crochet Hat Measurements Hat Heights Hat Circumference Hat Width for Crocheted Beanies


Hat Circumference: 10 inches
Hat Width: 5 inches
Hat Height: 4.5 inches


Hat Circumference: 12 inches
Hat Width: 6 inches
Hat Height: 5 inches

0-3 months

Hat Circumference: 14 inches
Hat Width: 7 inches
Hat Height: 6 inches

3-6 months

Hat Circumference: 15 inches
Hat Width: 7.5 inches
Hat Height: 6.25 inches

6-12 months

Hat Circumference: 16 inches
Hat Width: 8 inches
Hat Height: 6.75 inches

1-3 years

Hat Circumference: 17 inches
Hat Width: 8.5 inches
Hat Height: 7 inches

3-5 years

Hat Circumference: 18 inches
Hat Width: 9 inches
Hat Height: 7.5 inches

6-10 years

Hat Circumference: 19 inches
Hat Width: 9.5 inches
Hat Height: 8 inches

Adult Small (Teen)

Hat Circumference: 20 inches
Hat Width: 10 inches
Hat Height: 8.25 inches

Adult Medium

Hat Circumference: 21 inches
Hat Width: 10.5 inches
Hat Height: 8.75 inches

Adult Large

Hat Circumference: 22 inches
Hat Width: 11 inches
Hat Height: 9 inches

Crochet Hat Measurements Hat Heights Hat Circumference Hat Width for Crocheted Beanies

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