Crochet Embellishments by Jean Leinhauser Review

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I recently received a copy of this eBook from Leisure Arts:

 Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Leisure Arts, Inc

Leinhauser, J. (2007). Crochet embellishments. Little Rock, AR: Leisure Arts, Inc.
The book is available to purchase for $21.95 and the eBook is available to purchase for $9.99.

Crochet Embellishments

Here are some of the crochet embellishments I created from the eBook –

Ruffled Blossom (page 11)

Fancy Flora (page 13)

Royal Rose (page 18)

Cone Flower (page 19)

Pansy (page 26)

The 96-page eBook has written instructions for crocheting flowers, leaves, motifs & shapes, borders, bands (with a decorative edge on the top and bottom), braids and cords, tassels, bead and button covers, curlicues and fringes.

I am always looking for new ways to embellish my projects – and learning new techniques to be able to design my own. The more you crochet, the more you learn.  I found this eBook extremely helpful and I am happy to have it – both to make quick embellishments to ‘pretty’ up my hats and because it taught me what loops to work in to create pretty flowers of my own.

“Pretty Up” My Hats:

The written instructions are clear and easy to follow and the eBook is filled with colour photographs.

There is a something for everyone in this book – a great ‘go to’ resource to have in your collection!

Which is why I am thrilled to be able to offer you a chance to win a eBook copy of this book for yourself!

Leisure Arts has generously donated one extra copy of this eBook to be given away to a randomly selected winner.

As the eBook will be gifted through the Leisure Arts dot com website directly to the winner, the winner of the giveaway will need to have, or will need to sign-up for, a free account with Leisure Arts to receive their prize. You can sign-up for your free account here: Leisure Arts – Create Account

Good luck to everyone who chooses to enter!

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  1. The Pansy flower looks great on your hat. I love the flower on the hat because of its simplicity and the flower brings the hat to life.

  2. I absolutely love the crochet embellishments created by Jean! They are so unique and creative, adding a lovely touch to any crochet project. I especially adore the delicate flowers and the adorable little animals – they’re just too cute! Jean’s attention to detail is truly impressive, and it’s clear that she has a real passion for her craft. As a fellow crochet enthusiast, I’m definitely feeling inspired to try my hand at some embellishments of my own.

  3. Embellishments really enhance any crochet projects! Gives it a little pizzazz!

  4. I like the Crochet Apple & Sunflower Hot Pad Patterns and Crocheting in Circles eBooks.

  5. Great review Rhondda! Jean was a crochet genius. I would LOVE to add this book to my library. Your hats are just adorable. Love 'em! Thanks for the giveaway. Your newsletters are one of the few that I open as soon as it hits my inbox. They are awesome!

  6. Would love Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies and The Best of Mary Maxim Baby Afghans are 2 that I would love to add to my files.

  7. Thanks for sharing this giveaway…love this book! Plus, and of their stitch dictionaries I would love! :)Jennifer @ Fiber Flux

  8. I would love Beaded Beauties to Crochet & 154 Crochet Wave Patterns (Crochet Addict UK)

  9. Hi Joy 🙂 Thank you for visiting 🙂 and participating in the giveaway! I'm glad we connected on G+ and Twitter too! Rhondda

  10. Rhondda, I love the embellishments you made- the pansy is so sweet. The embellishments book would be a wonderful one to have as well as the Afghan Lover's Collection! Thanks for the review and giveaway! It's great to connect with you on G+ and twitter. 🙂

  11. Your page is now white and very easy to read – It's fixed!

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  13. Thank you Tracy 🙂 Slowly but surely…something weird is happening with my comments on this post though – my commentluv comments all vanished – they are still there on commentluv but no longer displaying here on the blog…strange right? Since the post from the day before and the day after this still have commentluv comments! I wish I could magically make the blog work properly everyday 😉 Thanks for entering the giveway:)

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