30 Free Crochet Edge Patterns

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Welcome to Free Crochet Pattern Friday!  I hope you enjoy the links! This week’s Free Crochet Pattern Friday category is Crochet Edgings

Sometimes, all you need to make your project spectacular is a little ‘something’ to pick it up a notch!  Try adding one of these fun crochet edges to your next project – to give it a little zing!

30 Free Crochet Edge Patterns

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30 Free Crochet Edgings

1. 2 Crochet Edgings – Tara Murray – Mamachee

2. Simple Crocheted Bobble Edging Tutorial – Heidi Bears

3. How To: Crochet A Scalloped Edging – Olivia Kent – Hopeful Honey

4. Muslins: Crochet Edging and Flowers – Dedri Uys – Look at What I Made

5. Crochet Edged Tea Towel – Kara Gunza – Petals to Picots

6. Crochet Calendar Edging – Little Things Blogged

7. Afghan Border – Kim Guzman

8. Simple Crochet Braid Trim – Sue Perez – Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness

9. Granny Edging / Border – Kara Gunza – Petals to Picots

10. Triangle Crochet Edging – Tamara Kelly – Moogly

11. Lace Trim Hankerchief Tutorial – Joanne Loh – Craft Passion

12. Crochet Flower Card – Little things Blogged

13. Pom Pom Edge – Robin Sanchez

14. Puffy lace edging – Katandia

15. Pumpkin Patch Crochet Edging –  Jennifer Dickerson – Fiber Flux

Pumpkin Patch Edging - Fiber Flux
Pumpkin Patch Edging – Fiber Flux

16. Eyelet Lace Edging Pattern – Allison Baker – alipyper

Eyelet Lace Edging Pattern by Allison Baker
Eyelet Lace Edging Pattern by Allison Baker

17. Picot Edge – Hemstitcher

18. Flutterby Edging – Katandia

19. Basic Shell Edging – Rachel Choi – Crochet Spot

20. Lacy shells edging – Rachel Gough

21. Picot and Lace Edging – Angela Lynn

22. Line of Hearts Crochet Edging – Jay Greengrass

23. Shell Edge – Myshelle Cole

24. 3018 Collar & Edging – MYpicot

25. Amicomo Edging 1 – Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

26. Easy Zig Zag Crocheted Edging – Kathleen Mower

27. Lace Napkin Edging – Bernat Design Studio

28. Crochet Edging – Annemaries Haakblog

Crochet Edging – Annemaries Haakblog

29. Edging the Afghan – Karen Whooley

30. Ole Ole edging – Sucrette

and check out these free vintage crochet edgings booklets for more spectacular crochet edgings:

Crochet Edgings – Free Vintage Crochet Patterns

or for a lovely ruffled edging – take a look at my free pattern:

Savannah’s Baby Blanket

savannhas baby blanket

Some of the designs use the Sharp Crochet Hook.

An other device you can use to edge your flannel or fleece blankets is the Skip Stitch Tool.

You may also enjoy these free patterns:

Beautiful Crochet Edgings

Vintage Crochet Edging Patterns

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  1. I love these crochet edgings! They can turn a simple crochet afghan or blanket into something amazing!

  2. I love edgings, I think my most favorite is shell border. Many thanks!

  3. This has come in so handy… always looking for a new edging for each afghan!!!

  4. I have used this roundup of edges several times – I love them!thank you

  5. I’m always looking for new edgings for my projects. Thank you for finding these.

  6. Hi Miraim,

    I’m happy you like the post 🙂 and I hope you find an edging that will work for your afghan! Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  7. These edgings are going to be a great help to me as I am looking for a different edging to an afghan I am working on!!!