Crochet Cheat Sheet

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Need a Crochet Cheat Sheet? This one tells you how many turning chains you need, how to read pattern abbreviations and the anatomy of the crochet stitch.

Crochet Cheat Sheet

More tips, tricks, tutorials and links you might want to save for later:

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Need a Crochet Cheat Sheet? Find out how many turning chains you need, how to read crochet abbreviations and basic crochet stitch anatomy
Need a Crochet Cheat Sheet? Find out how many turning chains you need, how to read crochet abbreviations and basic crochet stitch anatomy
Standard Number of Turning Chains

I hope this helps! Having everything in one place is often helpful when you are learning a new skill!

Any other resources you would like links to? Leave a comment and I will take a look 🙂

If you are new to crochet, you can always refer to my How to Crochet Guide and Crochet Stitches and Symbols for more information. For my crochet video tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

Crochet Hat Patterns


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  1. I will leave a new post, only becausr I dont see my old post. I love this cheat sheet because it taught me how to read crochet graphs. I could read a regular pattern but not graphs. This was my miracle site. Thank you.

  2. Hi Betsy, Thank you for mentioning this! I honestly thought they did have titles when you put the mouse over but they don’t! That is very confusing. They are supposed to have the title there and a link to take you to the post that the video is for on my blog. I will let the company that hosts the videos know so maybe they can fix it for me. Thank you so much for letting me know!! Rhondda

  3. It would be helpful if the videos had a text title to show which stitch is being demonstrated. I like your teaching a lot. Thank you!

  4. Hi Anna Marie, I’m very sorry to hear about your great nephew and his diagnosis. I pray the treatment he receives is successful very quickly!
    I have never personally taught anyone to crochet who is left-handed. I asked Marie about this and she wrote a guest post last year to give me some tips:
    Kathy from ELK Studio Handcrafted Designs is a Left-Handed Designer so she may have some ideas on how she learned how to crochet – I know she has a course available from Annie’s here: If you are familiar with video editing at all there is a setting on Adobe that lets you flip the video you record and it appears as though you are crocheting with your left hand rather than your right. I often think it might be easiest to teach by doing a live feed and flipping it to the reverse view if they cannot transfer the actions to the left view in their heads. I’ve tried to crochet left handed to get ready to teach a friend (just in case) and it is not easy to do. I can awkwardly manage a lot of the stitches but I cannot manage the starting chain row or working into the starting chain row. My son is left-handed too and he has been asking me to teach him and I am concerned I may not be able to show him properly myself. I wish I could be more help! Wishing you the best, Rhondda

  5. Hi Rhondda,
    I am having a fundraiser at my house at the beginning of December for my great nephew that is 2 years old that just got cancer in August. I will teach anyone who wants to learn, the basics of crocheting. I was wanting to know if you had any information on the best way to teach a left handed person to knit and/or crochet and any other information that might be helpful. I really do appreciate it. Thank you very much.

  6. Hi Beverly you left this comment on my Crochet Cheat Sheet Post so I do not know what blanket you are asking about. Can you please leave me the question on the post you are asking about so I can help you 🙂 Thank you, Rhondda

  7. I would like to crochet this for my husband. I would, however, like to make it larger (48 X 60). In order to do this, what multiple would I use for the width?

  8. Hi Silvia, Some crocheters use tc as the abbreviation for treble crochet – tc and tr are the same stitch – the treble crochet stitch. Some people also refer to it as triple crochet stitch. This is why I included both. It seems to depend on where you are from which one you use. The ‘standard’ is tr for treble. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  9. Dear Rhondda,
    First of all, thank you for your great Tips, patterns and all! I am learning a lot with you!
    May be there is a little mistake in the chart above. Crochet cheAt sheet. TrebLe crochet (tc) on the color chart the same stItch Is named as (tr). Which one is the correct abreviation?
    Thank you for your kind Attention.
    Kind regards.

  10. Hi Mdm Samm, I’m happy you like the Crochet Cheat Sheet. Feel free to share it with a link to me. Thank you for checking! Rhondda

  11. I found your chart on pinterest and must admit it is invaluable…I would love to share it with link to you if I may…

  12. This is exactly what I was looking for; have some great patterns but really need to learn how to read them, without words 😉 THANKS!!

  13. And for this one i stay with my first comment too, i love this one!!

  14. Wow, I needed your website a couple weeks ago. I am just learning the symbols and still get confused. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I love these cheat sheets because now I can read any pattern with a diagram. Thanks!

  16. The crochet cheat is an invaluable tutorial for me. It is being laminated and placed in my crochet bag. Thank you Rhondda

  17. I am sticking with this as my favorite tutorial!! This cheat sheet is invaluable and bears copying and laminating and putting in my crochet bags. Rhondda, thank you !!

  18. Very helpful… especially for beginners (I’m teaching my 9- & 10-yr old granddaughters!!)

  19. Oh , hands down, I am loving the crochet cheat sheet tutorial. I am pretty good at reading patterns but I really want to learn how to work from a diagram also. Thank you Rhondda for all the hard work you put in to help us out.

  20. I do not crochet from charts so the symbols were foreign, this cheat sheet is great. Thank You

  21. This one is my most helpful Crochet Turtorial.
    Thanks for this one 🙂

  22. I love cheat sheets. I don’t follow charts to crochet by yet but I do use the symbols sometimes when I am designing. I just need to draw it out when I am stuck so thank you for this.