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Crochet Cat Couches are SO popular online right now! I thought I would take a look to see if I can find any free patterns for crocheted cat couches for you.

There were many different options for cat beds and nests available for free but I did not find any specific free patterns for cat couches.

I do know that Annie’s Craft Store has a set of 3 crochet patterns for kitty couches that you can purchase. Here’s that link for those of you who would like the option:

Kitty Couches Crochet Pattern

These little crocheted cat couches measure 21 inches X 11 inches X 14 inches (blue couch), 10.5 inches X 16 inches (chair), and 18.5 inches X 12 inches X 12 inches for the green sofa. They are each crocheted in Medium Weight Yarn [4] and filled with foam and fiber fill.

I also checked online to see if I could find any doll couches or sofas that could be adjusted to fit the cats – most of the doll couches only measure 10 inches (instead of 20 inches). If you are handy making adjustments to patterns, you may want to search for tissue box covers and adjust one of those to the larger measurements (some might be adjusted just by changing the yarn and hook size you use) Or, take a look at one of these Doll Sofa Patterns and make size adjustments:

Doll Sofa by Carol Ballard (measures 9.5 inches X 6.5 inches
Doll Sofa Tissue Cover by Vicki Lynn for All Free Crochet (measures 9.5 inches long X 4.25 inches deep X 4.75 inches wide)
Modern Mini Couch by Ina Rho (you might be able to make this larger simply by changing the yarn/hook combo used)

Then I wondered if you could also use one of the available Cat Bed Patterns and create a top for it (using the pattern for the bottom) then stuff it and make one extra back piece to attach to give it a couch shape? Or, do the same for a round Cat Chair like the pretty one pictured in the kitty couches book? Here are some options you can use for this creative solution.

If anyone designs a free crochet cat couch pattern, please message me so I can add your pattern link for others to find.

A few other adorable (for sale) Crochet Patterns for Cat Beds and Cat Houses can be found here:

Whale Cat Bed Pattern
In the Woodland House
House in the Forest (my favorite)

Free Crochet Cat Bed Patterns

Free Crochet Cat Bed Patterns - Free Crochet Pattern Friday ODC

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Cat Bed LBY Free Crochet Pattern Friday

Kitty Cat Bed Pattern

This Kitty Cat Bed Pattern from Lion Brand Yarn is crocheted with Super Bulky Weight Yarn [6] and measures 46 inches in circumference and 6 inches in height. The base of the bed is provided separately in the instructions so you could make a second base to enclose the bed and then work the sides for a few extra rows for 3 of the sides.

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Crochet Kitty Couch - Free Pattern Friday

Crochet Kitty Couch

Available from Yarnspirations, this Crochet Kitty Couch is crocheted with Medium Weight Yarn [4] a 4 mm (G) and a 4.5 mm crochet hook.

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Tabby Chic Cat Bed Rebecca Langford Free Crochet Pattern Friday

Tabby Chic Cat Bed Pattern

This Tabby Chic Cat Bed Pattern from Rebecca Langford is crocheted with Super Bulky Weight Yarn [6] and a 19 mm (S) hook. The finished bed measures 17 inches wide X 5 inches tall.

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Color Pop Baskets Yarnspirations Free Crochet Pattern Friday

Color Pop Crochet Baskets Pattern

These Color Pop Crochet Baskets from Yarnspirations are crocheted with Bulky Weight Yarn [5] and a 4 mm (G) hook. The large basket measures 10 inches diameter by 4 inches in height.

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Tasseled Cat Bed Pattern Free Crochet Pattern Friday

Tasseled Cat Bed Pattern

This tasseled cat bed pattern from WeCrochet has a densely-woven texture. You can easily make the walls taller if you wish. The finished bed measures 12 inches diameter X 5 inches tall. Crochet this with Bulky Weight Yarn [5] and a 5 mm (H) hook.

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Dog or Cat Bed Pattern Free Crochet Pattern Friday

Flowers & Checks Pet Bed

The Flowers & Checks Pet Bed was designed by Drew Emborsky. The finished bed measures 21 inches X 21 inches x 5 inches.

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Big Little Pet Bed Pattern

The Big Little Pet Bed Pattern by Toni Lipsey is crocheted with Jumbo Weight Yarn (Bernat Maker Big) and a 10 mm (N/P) hook. The finished bed measures 12 inches in diameter but it is very easy to adjust the size.

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Sturdy & Comfy Cat Bed Pattern

The Sturdy & Comfy Cat Bed Pattern by Lauren Elizabeth is crocheted with Super Bulky Weight Yarn [6] and a 10 mm (N/P) hook. This bed has a raised back on three of the sides.

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Kitty Bed Pattern

This Kitty Bed Pattern designed by Ashley Dunham has a soft rounded side edge that your kitty can curl up against. The project is crocheted with Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 6.5 mm (K) hook. The finished bed measures 24 inches X 3 inches deep.

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Cat Nest Pattern

The Cat Nest Pattern by Hanne Katajamäki is crocheted with t-shirt yarn and an 8 mm (L) hook. The pattern is available in English, Finnish and French. Be sure to scroll down in the post to the "How To" English instructions.

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  1. There is a YouTube video by Crafters Anonymous that shows how she made a cat couch… she had a foam base and then made a cover to fit.

  2. Hi Rose, Thank you for your concern! This is a Crochet Roundup Post which includes links to crochet patterns you can view for free and/or purchase online from various Designers 🙂 Each pattern link I share indicates if it is free or for sale. I hope this helps! Rhondda

  3. I had to pay for those same patterns through Annie’s Attic. Did she buy the rights from you, if you designed them? If not, you are getting ripped off.