Crochet Camp – You know you wanna go!

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Photo Credit: Kat Goldin,
Slugs on the Refrigerator

I am all about becoming involved in the ‘Crochet Community’.

I really enjoy how easy it has become to be a “part of something” – the internet has opened so many possibilities – the ability to find new friends – learn new skills – and even to go to Crochet Camp!

When I learned about Crochet Camp – I was super excited!

I tend to produce better results when I have deadlines to meet – so going to Crochet Camp for me is about finishing some projects – you guessed it, from my Crochet Bucket List.

I am also open to learning new styles – because everyone has a different way of doing things – I don’t believe there is only one “right way” to hold my hook…and neither should you!

Kat is going to go over techniques, yarn substitution, gauge, finishing, working flat, working in the round, etc.

The patterns will become available as the camp progresses – I’m very excited to work up the Its Cold At Night Handwarmers and the Flower Brooch.

Photo Credit: Slugs on the Refrigerator (Kat Goldin)
I wish I had the extra funds to purchase the kits (they can be mailed internationally!) – because I love the yarn available in the UK.
For this camp – I will be trying my hand at substituting – from my yarn stash… but maybe next year…

The patterns and the tutorials/instructions are available in UK and US terms –

Will you join me?

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