Crochet Bucket List Project – Masa Bag

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The July project for the Crochet Along on Google+ was this fabulous bag designed by Lisa Risager:

The Masa Bag


Photo Credit: Lisa Risager (Ravelry)Masa Bag

Masa Bag – Crochet Bucket List Project

I love the versatility of this pattern.  You can use any stitch combination to make your bag – any colours – stash yarn – it is totally up to you to pick and choose the combination(s) that are right for you – to make the bag YOURS.

The stitch I chose to use was the stitch I learned this month in the KRW Knitwear CAL – Trinity Stitch.

I used 3-skeins of Red Heart Shetland Chunky (from my husband’s Grandma’s stash) and a 5.00 mm hook.

If I were to make the bag again, I would make it larger and the strap longer – I like to wear my purses across my body rather than just over my shoulder.

I modified mine very slightly by folding the bag edges down first, before attaching the shoulder strap.  I tend to put heavy items in my purses/bags (thanks to our electronic world!) and my hope is that this will provide a stronger base for my shoulder straps.

The pattern is simple.  You use stitches to the dimensions recommended in the pattern and then follow the folding technique outlined in the instructions.  You end up with a very unique bag.

Here is my finished project:

Masa Bag


Masa Bag

I am very pleased with this finished project.


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