Crochet Cowls Review

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I recently received the eBook Crochet Cowls written by Lisa Gentry and published by Leisure Arts, INC.

Photo Credit: Jason Masters,
Leisure Arts, INC
Photo Credit: Jason Masters,
Leisure Arts, INC

Crochet Cowls Review

This eBook contains 10-different crochet cowl designs using yarns from DK/Light Worsted to Super Bulky. The patterns are all classified as EASY.

The general instructions are located at the end of the eBook from pages 28-34 and include the special stitches, abbreviations, symbols & terms used in the aforementioned patterns.

Each Design indicates “One Size Fits Most” –

The pattern I most wanted to crochet from this eBook was:

ruffles & buttons

Photo Credit: Jason Masters,
Leisure Arts, INC

This Design suggested Worsted Weight yarn and a size I (5.5 mm) hook to reach the specified gauge.

I chose to use Bernat Happy Holidays yarn – I had some in my stash and I thought it would make a lovely cowl to wear with my black jacket.

The pattern worked up very smoothly and quickly (one evening) – my gauge was close to the gauge specified in the instructions and I thought since the piece was made to a specified measurement (i.e. repeat rows until you reach approximately 14.5 inches) that the difference wouldn’t matter that much.

I had a little bit of trouble with the edging – and balancing out the specified stitches around the circumference of the cowl.  Most likely because of my assumption about the gauge…

I have since discovered that Bernat Happy Holidays yarn is actually classified as an Aran Weight Yarn by Ravelry – rather than Worsted Weight.

After a few attempts I was able to balance those edging stitches properly and finish the cowl.

I love the finished result. It measures as specified 16″ long by 7″ wide.

The Design is lovely and on the right person it will be stunning.

Someone with a long, slim neck (like my sister Kelley – guess who just inherited a lovely cowl?).

I do not like how it looks on me – I have always disliked close-fitted shirts and turtlenecks so why I thought this cowl would be different – I am not certain!  I love it but it looks like I am wearing a clown ruff and it is very uncomfortable for me – so my lovely sister has now inherited yet another crochet gift – good thing she appreciates crocheted items!

This eBook is available from Leisure Arts for $7.99 (the paper copy of the book is $9.95 plus shipping/handling).

Affiliate Link:
Photo Credit: Jason Masters
,Leisure Arts, INC

Here is an Affiliate Link that will take you directly to the eBook Crochet Cowls by Lisa Gentry:

Two other Designs in the book that I really like are fringed collar and buttons & blooms.

The remaining designs are mostly standard Cowl Designs in various lengths; that can be worn long, or wrapped around the neck – using unique and pretty stitch combinations.


Fringed Collar
Photo Credit: Jason Masters,
Leisure Arts, INC
Buttons & Blooms
Photo Credit: Jason Masters,
Leisure Arts, INC

Lisa Gentry has designed a lovely collection of crochet cowls – 10-patterns for less than $10.00 – so less than $1.00 per pattern – you really can’t beat the price –

If you have been searching for a new winter accessory, I would recommend this book – the patterns are very easy to follow and as some use specific measurements they can be customized to basically any size you want.


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