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A Crochet Bucket List Project by Oombawka Design

Crochet Bucket List Project

Design: Crochet Bird Nest
Designer: Erangi Udeshika (Crochet For You)
Pattern Price: Free!

Erangi's Crochet Bird Nest
Photo Credit Erangi of Crochet for You

Last year I had the opportunity to crochet Erangi’s Crochet Bird Nest pattern. I have had MANY requests from friends and family members for one for their yards too!

I tried to get a photo all summer of a bird using this nest but I was unable to do so – not because they didn’t use it…but because my children were always so excited to see the birds in the nest they scared them away!

I think birds here like to play on it because it ‘swings’ in the wind – and after I added some birdseed to the bottom they loved to hang on and eat from it as well!

So…don’t despair if no one sets up home inside your creative nest – just toss in some bird seed and watch them come and play!

Erangi’s pattern is very easy to follow and it works up VERY quickly  – I must admit I didn’t follow the row end counts closely as once you get into the rhythm of crocheting the bird nest form it tends to take shape pretty much on its own. I had no trouble completing the pattern. I used a 4.0 mm hook to make mine as my nylon string seemed a little bit to heavy for the 3.25 mm. My finished bird nest was approximately 8″ tall (not counting the hanging string).

Crochet Bird Nest | CBL Project @OombawkaDesign

I purchased some orange nylon string from our local Dollar Store (for you guessed it! $1.00) and went to work. I found the nylon a little challenging for my fingers because of how hard it was but when you are used to working with soft yarn it is pretty natural for a different material to feel rough 😉 I do recommend you do not use any of the painted metal/aluminium crochet hooks with harder materials as they sometimes have the tendency to strip off that outer coating on your hook.

Crochet Bird Nest Side View | CBL Project | @OombawkaDesign

I think other options that will work well for the nest would be cotton string or twine – for a more natural alternative to the nylon or plastic options available. Although the plastic is VERY durable and cleans up quite well with a wash in the sink (or with the hose!). In fact I can use it again this year – where a more natural type of string would likely need to be tossed out with all the goodies left behind by our local birds.

Get your copy of this free pattern HERE: Crochet Bird Nest

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  1. Very welcome Michelle 🙂 I’ve damaged a few now with different fibers and when I was using the wire to make a bracelet I used one of the tinted aluminium hooks and it scraped all the coating off the one side and left a rough edge! Hope your pet quail likes its little hut!

  2. I have a pet quail and might make some version of this for her to hide in. I have some nettle yarn I might use. Thanks for the tip on not using nice metal hooks for rough fibers. I probably would have just grabbed a hook and gone for it!

  3. This is so cool! I’m thinking of trying it in hemp (yes, murder on the hands), because of our subtropical climate. Many birds nest here twice a year, so it has twice the opportunity to get used. Late nesters might even get some soft felt for a warm lining. Love it!