Crochet Animal Slippers Patterns

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Crochet Animal Slippers Patterns for the whole family! Patterns are included for 20 adorable animal designs and 3 styles of slippers (slide, shoe or boot). Plus, these slipper patterns are available in both children’s and adult’s sizes!

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Crochet Animal Slippers - Ira Rott - David and Charles Book Review

Title: Crochet Animal Slippers
Available from Amazon
Designed by: Ira Rotts
Publisher: David & Charles
Current List Price: $22.99*

Crochet Animal Slippers includes 20 different animal designs and 3 different styles of slippers. That means there are 60 crochet slipper patterns included for you and your family to enjoy.

Crochet Animal Slippers Patterns

Crochet Animal Slippers is a wonderfully prepared book, complete with clearly written instructions, bright and colorful images and stitch diagrams for all the bits and pieces you need to crochet.

One of my favorite things about this book is the front flap. Strange part to be excited about right? Not this time!

The front flap (when opened) includes a life-sized foot Size Guide for Children and Adults. This is a fantastic resource. Simply stand with your heel in the ‘Place Heel Here’ spot and see where your toes end up. Bands of color have been included for each of the sizes in the book so you don’t even have to see what the actual foot measurement is, just look for the S, M or L.

When you visit this link, click the words Look inside above the cover image to see what I mean!

The patterns are available in Children’s sizes Small, Medium and Large and Adult’s sizes Small, Medium and Large.

When you turn to page 10, you will find the three bases you can choose from for the slipper patterns. The Shoes (slippers with covered heels), the Boots (slippers with ankle cuffs) and the Slides (backless slippers). Of the 3 styles, the Slides are the most difficult (Moderate Difficulty) to crochet.

Read page 11 to understand how to make the slippers and how to follow the patterns for the different size options. It also explains what size hook you will need to use for each part (gusset, soles, uppers of slippers) of the slipper type (shoes, boots or slides) you crochet. The information is listed in a handy little chart.

The slippers are crocheted with Medium Weight Yarn [4].

The written instructions and stitch diagrams for the Gussets for all 6 sizes are on page 12. The instructions and stitch diagrams for the Double Soles for all 6 sizes are on pages 13, 14 and 15. Page 16 explains how to join the soles and includes written instructions and photo support.

Page 17 includes the written instructions needed to work the Upper of the Shoes and Boots and how to Assemble the Gusset for the Shoes and Boots. The Edging and Ankle Cuff instructions are included on page 18.

The written instructions for the Upper of Slides is provided on page 19 and page 20 explains how to Assemble the Gusset for the Slides.

If you would like to add non-slip soles to your slippers, instructions are included on page 20. Page 21 includes the templates for the non-slip patches (actual size) so you can copy and cut your patches with ease.

After you have chosen what type of slipper you want to make (shoes, boots or slides) and the size you want to make, next is the fun part – choose your animal ♥

Crochet Animal Slippers Patterns

  • The Snuggly Pug – BEGINNER
  • The Cuddly Bear – BEGINNER
  • The Happy Penguin – BEGINNER
  • The Zingy Dinosaur – MODERATE
  • The Starry Unicorn – MODERATE
  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panda – EASY
  • The Sleepy Koala – BEGINNER
  • The Mossy Sloth – BEGINNER
  • The Graceful Elephant – EASY
  • The Playful Pig – EASY
  • The Mischievous Raccoon – EASY
  • The Cheeky Monkey – EASY
  • The Woolly Sheep – MODERATE
  • The Sandy Turtle – MODERATE
  • The Sassy Cat – BEGINNER
  • The Hippie Llama – BEGINNER
  • The Brave Moose – EASY
  • The Artful Fox – EASY
  • The Friendly Cow – EASY
  • The Roaring Lion – MODERATE
  • BONUS Pattern – Basic Slipper – Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 5.5 mm (I) hook. Then pair it with the Pug, Bear, Penguin, Koala, Sloth, Cat or Llama.

Take a closer look at more of the projects you can make here: Crochet Animal Slippers

Additional Ideas are also included on page 114-115. When you combine bits from different animals you can make the Uni-Cat (mix the Unicorn and Cat) and the Wise Owl (mix the Penguin and Dinosaur).

Meet Ira Rott (interview) the Designer of Crochet Animal Slippers.

This bright and colorful pattern book is 128-pages in length. The patterns are written in US crochet terms. The charts use universal crochet symbols and a reference chart is provided on page 116 to convert the UK terms for those who prefer working from written instructions. 

The stitch counts are included at the end of the pattern rows and rounds following an = symbol.

Helpful photos are provided in the Finishing Slippers sections for each pattern.

The Crochet Basics section begins on page 116. It includes the crochet stitch terminology, symbol meanings in UK and US crochet terms, Crochet Techniques, Care Instructions and Sewing Techniques.

Crochet Techniques

The Crochet Techniques instructions are detailed and they include step-by-step diagrams and images to help you master the crochet skills you need to make these projects.


  • Invisible Decrease (sc2tog)
  • Opposite side of the Foundation Chain
  • Raw Edge Finishing
  • Joining Rounds
  • Short Rows
  • Weaving in Yarn Ends

Sewing Techniques

  • Backstitch
  • Cross Stitch
  • Running Stitch
  • Whipstitch
  • Stitching Shapes: Smiley Eyes, Y-Shaped Nose, Sleepy Eyes, T-Shaped Nose
  • Sewing Buttons

Joining Gussets

A separate section has been included to explain the importance of joining gussets properly and using a consistent joining technique. This section provides written instructions and diagrams to outline 3 different joining methods (based on crochet skill levels) that can be used to successfully join the gussets.

  • Whipstitch (Beginner) – instructions are included for both right and left hand whipstitch techniques
  • Slip Stitch (Easy) – instructions are included for both right and left hand slip stitch techniques
  • Mattress Stitch (Moderate) – instructions are included for both right and left hand mattress stitch techniques

Ira has included some helpful notes on page 125 for Left-Handed Crocheters and she has included a few mirrored images.

My favorite designs from Crochet Animal Slippers are The Sassy Cat, The Brave Moose, The Mossy Sloth and The Zingy Dinosaur.

Leave me a comment to tell me which of the animals are your favorites?
You can see more of the projects here.

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Crochet Animal Slippers - Ira Rott - David and Charles Book Review

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