Free Crochet Angel Patterns

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Crochet Angels – A Collection of Free Patterns designed by Oombawka Design. Each one of these eight little crochet angels designs is available as a free crochet pattern on my blog.  Simply click the titles below to be taken to the written patterns. To crochet these patterns you will need white medium weight yarn (I choose to use Red Heart Super Saver) and a 4 mm (G) crochet hook. The halo is crocheted from gold Bowdabra bow wire but you can substitute plain jewelry wire or even a thin gold pipe-cleaner if you wish. Each of these Angels can be crocheted in a few short hours making them great last minute gifts 🙂

I think you could probably use thin gold thread, lightweight yarn, or embroidery floss and then shape it and ‘paint’ it with some white glue as another option. The white glue dries clear and makes my yarn ends hard (this is how I thread needles with my yarn ends) so I suspect you can also use the white glue to stiffen the halo.

These Angels are perfect for many occasions and I have written the patterns to be as easy as possible to follow. I hope you enjoy crocheting them and if you are ever on Ravelry I’d love if you can add your project pages so I can see your finished projects too!

Free Crochet Angel Patterns Designed by Oombawka Design Crochet - Medium Weight Yarn and a 4 mm G hook.

Free Crochet Angel Patterns

A Collection of Free Patterns designed by Oombawka Design

1 Crochet Angel Ornament Pattern

2 Christmas Angel Pattern 2016

3 Little Crochet Angel

4 Joy Crochet Angel

5 Crochet Christmas Angel Pattern 2017

6 Peace on Earth Angel

7 Mistletoe Christmas Angel

8 Charity Crochet Angel Ornament

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  1. Hi Felicia, Thank you! I do plan on making more – I could make one called Love 🙂 Writing it down right now! Wishing you the best, Rhondda

  2. I made the Angels as best I could and so many people loved you patterns and how easy they were to follow

  3. Hi Lynn, Thank you for trying my pattern and using it for such a good cause. I’d love if you could share it with me on Facebook or Instagram – or if you have a Ravelry account you can share it there too 🙂 If not, let me know and we will figure something out 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  4. Thank you for the angel pattern. I made them for our bereavement committeet dinner. I have a photo but don’t know how to post it

  5. I give your collection of angel patterns 5 stars, but i couldnt get it to click on.

  6. Thank you. I love making angels. #9 was truly inspired. I’m looking forward to making the others. The wings were easy and the join at the end was a surprise. How did I not think of that one.

  7. Hi Carol, Actually I think there might be 9 now. Here are the first 8: (each one of these will link to the free pattern on my site) and now we have the newest one as well: which I haven’t added to the ‘bundle on Ravelry’ yet. Just added it to my list! Let me know if you have any trouble with any – I’m here to help 🙂 I’m happy you like the Angels 🙂 Have a great week! Rhondda

  8. Hey, Rhondda, I was wanting to make sure I haven’t missed any of your angel’s patterns. I have the 1-8 patterns then now this one. Have you had any more in between that I may have missed? I love your patterns.