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A crochet along is a group event where participants work together on common crochet projects along a predetermined theme.

There are many groups online that host events all year long, like CAL Central (on Facebook). Our group hosts a variety of smaller sized CAL projects each year; with free patterns and end-of-CAL prizes. Join our group here.

Other crocheters work on large projects like afghans all year long. Some work on temperature blankets, others on afghan squares that are then seamed together to make a finished blanket (like the annual Moogly CAL).

Amy (The Stitchin’ Mommy) and I cohost the Scarf of the Month CAL and the Hat of the Month CAL each month. This CAL gives you 6 free patterns each month for scarves and hats that are perfect for donating or gift giving. See our 2021 projects here and here.

Besides hosting a CAL, I also love participating in Crochet Alongs (CALs). I enjoy working together on projects with our crochet community and it is fun challenging myself to come up with new free crochet patterns along specific themes for others to make.

Crochet Alongs CALS

Crochet Alongs

Most of these CAL events have free patterns that remain available after the crochet along ends so be sure to visit the other patterns included in the collections too!

For each year I have listed the CALs I have designed patterns for below. If there is no link available the CAL has not yet started this year. For those with links, you can click through for the free pattern I designed and to get the other patterns submitted for that event.

You can also revisit the CAL Lists for the years. The Crochet Along Lists include CALs that took place online that I did not participate in myself. Have fun finding new projects to make! xo Rhondda

2024 CALs

  1. Scarf of the Month CAL 2024
  2. Hat of the Month CAL 2024
  3. Washcloth of the Month CAL
  4. Cozy at Home CAL 2024 (Easy Crochet Pillow)
  5. Gift to Myself CAL (Upcycled Crochet Tin Can Cozy)

2023 CALs

  1. Scarf of the Month CAL 2023
  2. Hat of the Month CAL 2023
  3. Cozy at Home CAL 2023 (Darkness Blanket)
  4. Softie CAL 2023 (Rainbow Snake)
  5. Summer Quickies CAL (Sweet Summer Strawberry Earrings & Quick Summer Beach Bag)
  6. Halloween CAL (Spooky Spider in 10 Minutes)
  7. Giftstravaganza Blog Hop (Easy Fingerless Gloves)
  8. Holiday Stashdown CAL (Holiday Stashdown Hat)
  9. Melange Blanket CAL (Peaceful Flower Afghan Square)
  10. Christmas in July Makealong (Gabriella Angel)
  11. King Cole Summer Extravaganza Mini Make Along (It’s a Beautiful Day Shawl)
  12. Moogly CAL (In the Middle Square)
  13. BAM CAL (Flower Box Afghan Square)

2022 CALs

  1. Scarf of the Month CAL 2022
  2. Hat of the Month CAL 2022
  3. Cozy at Home CAL 2022 (Cozy Home Throw Blanket)
  4. Fifth Annual Softie CAL
  5. BAM CAL2022
  6. Moogly CAL2022
  7. Summer Quickies CAL (Everyday Crochet Bucket Hat)
  8. 2022 Halloween CAL (Bitsy the Crochet Spider)
  9. 2022 Holiday Stashdown Crochet Along (Evangeline Christmas Angel)
  10. More 2022 CALs (The 2022 CAL List)

2021 CALs

  1. Scarf of the Month CAL 2021
  2. Hat of the Month CAL 2021
  3. Cozy at Home Crochet Along with CAL Central
  4. 2021 Furls Blog Hop
  5. Fourth Annual Softie Crochet Along with CAL Central
  6. 2021 Stashbusting Sampler Afghan Crochet Along with The Unraveled Mitten
  7. BAM CAL 2021
  8. 2021 Moogly CAL
  9. Christmas in July Make Along
  10. Summer Quickies with CAL Central
  11. King Cole North American CAL2021
  12. 2021 Halloween Crochet Along with CAL Central
  13. Puff the Magic Stitch Blog Hop with Stitch and Hustle
  14. 24 Days of Quickies with Marly Bird and Friends
  15. 2021 Holiday Stashdown Crochet Along

2020 CALs

  1. 2020 Scarf and Hat of the Month Club
  2. Holiday Stashdown CALLove Angel Pattern
  3. Perfect Picot Blog Hop with Stitch and HustleOctober Mandala
  4. 2020 Halloween Crochet Along with CAL CentralHalloween Pumpkin
  5. Scrubbie Crochet Along with CAL CentralRhondda’s Scrubbie Dishcloth
  6. 2020 Christmas in July Make Along
  7. 2020 Moogly Afghan CALOctober Square
  8. 2020 Softie Crochet Along Amigurumi Sally
  9. You’ve Got Options CALPerfect Balance Afghan Square
  10. more 2020 CALs (The 2020 CAL List)

2019 CALs

  1. 2019 Scarf of the Month CAL
  2. Holiday Stashdown CAL
  3. 2019 Halloween CAL
  4. Washcloth CAL with CAL Central CrochetTranquil Washcloth
  5. BAWJ2019 CAL – Finding Balance Afghan Square
  6. BAMCAL 2019 – A Little Bit of This Afghan Square
  7. Make a Blanket CAL with the Joy Creators
  8. Christmas in July Make alongGuardian Angel
  9. Softie Crochet Along Baby Seal
  10. Moogly CALMadison Afghan Square
  11. Hygge Home Crochet AlongCozy Hygge Throw

2018 Crochet Alongs

2018 CALs (The 2018 CAL List)

2017 Crochet Alongs

2017 CALs (The 2017 CAL List)

2016 Crochet Alongs

2016 CALs (The 2016 CAL List)


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  1. Hi Deborah! Thank you for reminding me 🙂 I’ve updated with 2023 and 2024 now – I will try to create a current CAL list for 2024 CALS in the next week or so. Best wishes, Rhondda

  2. Is there a planned update for this page to reflect 2023 CALs?