Crochet Afghan Size Chart

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Over the past few years I have collected some commons afghan and blanket sizes to make it easier to design projects to certain dimensions.

These sizes are meant as a starting point. When you are designing an afghan, or a blanket, you can pick a size and aim to be close to it.

Your finished project does not have to be exactly the same size as indicated.

When you see finished afghans and blankets available online, they usually vary slightly in size from one manufacturer, to the next.

This is the same with crocheted blankets. Some stitch patterns that are used must have a certain number of stitches to work. This will cause small variations in the finished length and width of the project.

TIP: Depending on the yarn you are using, your blanket can become extremely heavy. If you have trouble with your arms it is best to try to support the project so your arms are not holding the full weight of your blanket as you work.

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Blanket and Afghan Size Charts

Blanket and Afghan Sizes - Crochet Size Chart for afghans and blankets

Micro Preemie

Small: 11 inches by 11 inches
Medium: 12 inches by 12 inches


Receiving Blankets

Small Preemie (2 lbs or less): 20 inches by 20 inches
Medium Preemie (2 lbs  to 3 lbs): 22 inches by 22 inches
Large Preemie (4 lbs to 5 lbs): 28 inches by 28 inches

Full Term Baby

Square Receiving Blankets

Small: 36 inches by 36 inches
Medium: 38 inches by 38 inches
Large: 40 inches by 40 inches

Rectangular Baby Blankets

Small: 25 inches by 32 inches
Medium: 32 inches by 36 inches
Large: 32 inches by 40 inches

Stroller Blankets

30 inches by 36 inches

Bassinet / Cradle Blanket

14 inches by 32 inches

Crib Blankets

Small: 36 inches by 54 inches
Medium: 40 inches by 60 inches
Large: 45 inches by 60 inches

Playpen Blanket

40 inches by 40 inches

Swaddle Blanket / Swaddling Blanket

Small: 44 inches by 44 inches
Medium: 46 inches by 46 inches
Large: 48 inches by 48 inches

Security Blankets


Small: 16 inches by 16 inches
Medium: 17 inches by 17 inches
Large: 18 inches by 18 inches

Lovey – Lovies Blankets

Small: 10 inches by 10 inches
Medium: 12 inches by 12 inches
Large: 14 inches by 14 inches

Toddler / Child Throw Blankets

Small: 42 inches by 48 inches
Large: 42 inches by 52 inches

Youth Throw Blankets

32 inches by 66 inches

Adult Throw Blankets

Small: 27 inches by 34 inches
Medium: 30 inches by 30 inches
Large: 37 inches by 50 inches
Extra Large: 52 inches by 60 inches


Small: 40 inches by 60 inches
Medium: 48 inches by 60 inches
Large: 50 inches by 64 inches


Square: 36 inches by 36 inches
Rectangular: 36 inches by 48 inches

Bed Blankets

If you are making bed blankets / afghans for beds here are ‘standard’ blanket sizes (remember you have to fit under them too so these are larger than standard mattress sizes):

Twin: 66 inches by 90 inches
Double: 80 inches by 90 inches
Queen: 90 inches by 100 inches
King: 108 inches by 100 inches

Check out my other available size charts and measurements here.

Baby Blanket Measurements

Baby Blanket Measurements - Crochet Size Chart for afghans and blankets for preemies, babies, toddlers, children and adults

Receiving Blanket Size Chart for Babies and Preemies

Receiving Blanket Measurements - Crochet Size Chart for afghans and blankets for preemies, babies, toddlers, children and adults

Blanket and Afghan Sizes

Adult afghan and blanket size chart plus baby blanket measurements and preemie receiving blanket sizes.

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  1. I want to make a king size afghan in the basic single stitch using #4 weight yarn. Can you tell me how much yarn I need. Have looked at dozens of patterns but can’t find one in this weight or stitch. Thank you for any help. Cecelia