Crayon Fun!

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There are many tutorials online indicating how to melt broken crayons into ‘new’ crayons.

Some use a double boiler technique – placing the crayons in little tin cans over a boiling pot of water. Then pouring the melted wax into molds and letting the wax set.

Some use a microwave to melt the wax and some use an oven.

The benefit of melting the wax first, before pouring it into the molds is it allows you to fill the mold completely.

Crayon Fun

Darla and Drew wanted to help make their crayons so I decided to go a different route to melt the crayons – a safer way for them.

First we went through our crayon box and pulled out all the broken crayons (there were SO many – we barely used 1/3!).

broken crayons

Next we peeled them!

Then Darla and Drew picked which colours they wanted in each mold.

Darla used her animal mold and Drew used his dinosaur mold.

I cut the crayons into smaller pieces because I wanted to make sure after the crayons melted down they filled the molds at least 1/2 full.

Chopped Crayons

Next I placed the molds in the oven at 275F for 12 minutes.

Drews Mold
Darlas Mold

Then I let them sit on the counter to cool and harden for 40-minutes and then they made their way into the freezer for an additional 10-minutes because Darla and Drew were getting quite impatient – and the crayons hadn’t quite set.

After I took them out of the freezer I simply popped them out of the molds and Darla and Drew loved their new “old” crayons!

These crayons would also make great gifts!

The molds were very easy to clean afterward and since crayons are non toxic – the molds are still safe to use!

The molds are available for purchase from Wholeport – I received them as part of my Blogger Package – and I love them!

The molds also work really well to form chocolates 🙂 they are FDA Food Grade and heat resistant to 230℃.

Affiliate Link: Dinosaur Mold


Affiliate Link: Animal Mold

Drews Crayons
Drews Crayons

Note: when we removed the crayons the molds were a about 2/3 full of melted wax using this technique.


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  1. Thanks Kinga 🙂 The kids loved it too – they play with them a lot – as crayons and as little toys lol!