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Over the past 2 weeks, I have shared the Blurb story and the extensive tools and resources available from Blurb for all their book-making customers.

While all this is impressive, what’s really remarkable is how they offer all of this;  provide visually stunning books made on photo-quality paper AND they do it at such an affordable price. It is really quite amazing.

Since day one, Blurb has been praised for their unwavering commitment to quality, which is why renowned Photographers, Graphic Designers, Architects, Artists, and other Creative Professionals repeatedly choose Blurb to display their works of art. This speaks volumes because, if they trust Blurb to showcase their work, it seems logical I should too.

Professional-Quality Books and Magazines
Whether you are creating a photo book, a trade book, or a magazine, Blurb allows you to choose from a wide range of trim size, covers, fonts, layouts, and paper. Paper type is actually really important to any book which displays images. Other book-making platforms may have quality paper too, but you’re going to pay for this quality in the final price of your book. Other platforms use recycled paper – this is great for the environment but not so great for producing visually-rich images in your keepsake books.

Blurb, on the other hand, provides customers with several paper options, including standard paper that has a smooth, semi-matte finish on 80# stock, to uncoated ProLine semi-gloss paper on 140# stock that’s ideal for high-end photography and design books.

Digital Books/Ebooks
Blurb is actually one of the few book-making platforms that gives you complete control over creating an ebook. Blurb lets you make ebooks in both fixed-layout (Apple iPad®-only) and reflowable formats (iPad and Kindle devices). You can even convert any book or magazine you create into a gorgeous ebook so you can share and distribute it in an easy, affordable, and earth-friendly way!

If price is a factor (when is it not?), Blurb is one of the most affordable options out there; with one of the lowest price per page costs available – especially when you consider their quality and variety of their creative options. So you will know exactly what you’re getting at what cost, Blurb developed a Pricing Calculator. Their pricing calculator was mentioned in my last post but to recap, this fantastic tool lets you see what the price per book will be, based on the selections you choose (e.g. soft cover, 7 x 7 photobook, on ProLine Uncoated #100 paper).

You can also compare the pricing of different types of books (trade books vs. magazines, vs. ebooks, etc.), covers (hard or soft), sizes (7 x 7 vs 13 x 11), paper type (matte, glossy), etc.

Although their pricing is already impressive Blurb is generously offering you 15% off any book you create from now through 5/30!

Get started now!

So start sorting through those pictures on your camera, smartphone, Facebook feed and Instagram page and start creating your very own book.

You’ll be so excited with the results that you’ll probably want to make a copy for all of your friends and family.

If you need some inspiration, I’ll be sharing some examples in my post for Blurb next week. You will be able to see how some people have used Blurb to create their own creative and useful books. So stay tuned!


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