Colorful Crochet Knitwear

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Colorful Crochet Knitwear, by Sandra Gutierrez includes patterns for 12 beautiful projects using crochet colorwork. Learn how to make colorful crochet knitwear using intarsia, mosaic and tapestry crochet techniques.

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Colorful Crochet Knitwear

Title: Colorful Crochet Knitwear
Available from Amazon April 12, 2022
Designed by: Sandra Guiterrez
Publisher: David & Charles
ISBN: 9781446309025
Current List Price: $24.99*

Make beautiful crochet colorwork designs with intarsia, mosaic and tapestry crochet.

Colorful Crochet Knitwear

Colorful Crochet Knitwear includes instructions for 12 beautiful crocheted garments and accessories. It also includes a wonderful guide to different colorwork techniques and insight into many different garment construction techniques.

The crocheted garment patterns are graded for 9 different sizes (size 32 inch bust – 65 inch bust) and the accessory patterns include sizes small to large.

This bold and beautiful crochet colorwork pattern book is 128-pages in length. The crochet patterns are clearly written and the instructions are in U.S. Crochet terminology. Charts are also included for many of the designs.

Colorful Crochet Knitwear - David and Charles

Colorwork Techniques

The Crochet Colorwork Techniques section begins on page 14 and it includes detailed instructions with helpful photos and illustrations to help you master each of these methods.

Tapestry Crochet

  • Tapestry Crochet Basics
  • Single Crochet Flat
  • Single Crochet in the Round
  • Single Crochet Variations: Single Crochet Back Loop Only (SCBLO), Central Single Crochet (CSC), Extended Single Crochet (ESC)
  • Color Changes
  • Carrying Floats
  • Practice Swatch

Mosaic Crochet

  • Charts – how to read them
  • Standard Mosaic Crochet (changing color at the end of the row)
  • Single-Row Mosaic Crochet (changing color at the end of the round)
  • Practice Swatch

Intarsia Crochet

  • Managing yarn (making bobbins)
  • Color Changes
  • Wrong Side vs Right Side
  • Practice Swatch

Stripes and Colorblocking

  • Stripes (bold stripes and subtle stripes)
  • Color blocking
  • Color Changes
  • Cut or Carry
  • Tack in the round
  • Tack when flat
  • Odd or even
  • Practice Swatch

You can read more about Sandra Gutierrez, the author of Colorful Crochet Knitwear, in this Meet the Author article from David & Charles: Meet the Author of Colorful Crochet Knitwear

Colorful Crochet Knitwear Pana Po Top Ailyak Pullover

Colorful Crochet Knitwear Projects

  • Wabi Sabi hat and mittens
  • Commuovere pullover
  • Iktsuarpok tank top
  • Ailyak pullover
  • Hygge jacket
  • Fernweh tank top
  • Lagom pullover
  • Merak hat and cowl
  • Pana Po’s summer top
  • Gigil cardigan
  • Forelsket shawl
  • Jayus cardigan

The stitch counts are included at the end of the pattern rows and rounds, inside (parentheses).

The amount of yarn you will need for each of the projects and each of the sizes can be found from page 100 to 119, in the Project Information section of the book. The finished project sizes are also included here.

If you have signed up for the

Crochet Techniques

General Techniques are found on page 120 to 126 and include abbreviations, written instructions and diagrams to illustrate the following stitches and techniques.

  • Single Crochet (SC)
  • Half Double Crochet (HDC)
  • Double Crochet (DC)
  • Reverse Single Crochet (RSC)
  • Central Single Crochet (CSC)
  • Extended Single Crochet (ESC)
  • Working into Front or Back Loop
  • Back Post Single Crochet (BPSC)
  • Crochet Cord
  • Faux I-Cord Edging
  • Invisible Join When Working in Rounds
  • Invisible Join to Fasten Off when working in Rounds
  • Mattress Stitch

I enjoy books that teach me things and Colorful Crochet Knitwear is packed with helpful information about crochet colorwork (you almost have a little ‘course’ for each style that you can work through to learn and master the technique) and about crochet garments (an area that is new to me).

I also like how along with the patterns for the beautiful wearable garments, Sandra has included smaller projects like hats and mittens, to allow me to practice and build up my confidence, before diving into a larger item like a sweater.

My favorite projects include the Fernweh tank top, the Gigil cardigan and the Jayus cardigan.

Leave me a comment to tell me which of the projects are your favorites!
You can see more of the projects here.

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Colorful Crochet Knitwear - David and Charles

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