Charity Guide For Crocheters Book Review

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Charity Guide For Crocheters - Cover Image - Leisure Arts Book Review

Title: Charity Guide For Crocheters
Compiled by:
Leisure Arts, Inc.
Publisher: 2016, Leisure Arts, Inc., Maumelle, AR
ISBN: 978-1-4647-44453-2
Photography Technical Manager: Stephanie Johnson
Pages: 66

Charity Guide for Crocheters ~ Book Review

Charity Guide for Crocheters includes 66-pages of patterns which are perfect for anyone who crochets for Charity. Along with these charity ready patterns you also receive information about 8 National Organizations which accept charitable donations of crocheted items. Tips and guidelines for submitting projects to your chosen charities have also been included.

Here are the 20 projects you can make with the patterns in this book:

  • Warm Up America! Blocks
  • Hooded Scarf ~ Lois J. Long (6 inches by 74 inches)
  • Man’s Cap ~ Barbara Shaffer (22 inches circumference – one size fits most)
  • Man’s Muffler (6.75 inches by 45 inches)
  • Kid’s Hat ~ Kay Meadors (16 inches circumference)
  • Preemie Cap ~ Kay Meadors (11 inches circumference)
  • Baby Blanket ~ Kay Meadors (35 inches by 41.5 inches)
  • Women’s Cap & Mittens ~ Carol L. Jensen  (19 to 20 inches circumference for the cap; 7 to 8 inches for the mittens)
  • Kid’s Scarf (5 inches by 32 inches)
  • Baby Booties ~ Carol Holding (3 to 6 months)
  • Kid’s Slippers  [Sole Length: Small (6.5 inches), Medium (7 inches), Large (7.5 inches)]
  • Puppet Mittens {Dog and Doll} [Hand Circumference: Small (5 inches), Medium (5.5 inches) and Large 6 inches)], also includes templates for felt (or fabric) embellishments
  • Pocket Lap Robe ~ Joyce Winfield Vanderslice (33 inches by 40 inches), includes placement diagram
  • Cuddle Bunny ~ Terry Kimbrough (17 inches tall)
  • Woman’s Slippers ~ Jan Hatfield [Women’s Shoe Sizes: Small (5/6), Medium (7/8), Large (9/10)]
  • Scrap Afghan ~ Sandy Rideout (38 inches by 57 inches)
  • Pet Blanket & Toy ~Carolyn Christmas (Small: 21.5 inches by 28.5 inches, Large: 35 inches by 42 inches; Toy: 3.74 inches long not including tail)
  • Football ~ Becky Stevens (7 inches long)

Like many of Leisure Art’s publications, the Camera Icon is included throughout the book to let you know when there are technique videos available to assist you with the completion of your chosen pattern.

Charity Guide for Crocheters begins with the section How You Can Help and walks you through General Information about submitting crocheted items to charities. Important information to assist you with crocheting a project suitable for your chosen charity has been included here. Examples included here are: types of yarns to use and health and safety matters.

Next we are introduced to the types of organizations which might be looking for donations of crocheted items. Specifically – Local Outreach vs. Nationwide Outreach Programs.

Tips for making lap robes for the sick and elderly and caps for those with hair loss are shared in the Local Outreach section.

8 of Leisure Arts, Inc. favorite Nationwide Organizations are shared (including Warm Up America!). Mailing addresses, email address, telephone numbers (when available) and website information are included along with an introduction to the Organization and a summary of their Goals and Needs.

The projects are then shared, one by one, in an organized manner. Each design is provided in U.S. Crochet Terminology, with important notes in different colored fonts. Whenever there is a technique video available you will find a yellow camera icon and text explaining which technique is shared. The font is very clear and easy to read and displayed on a white background.

When multiple sizes are included in the instructions, each the instructions which vary are shown in separate font colors. For example for Small, Medium and Large the stitch counts and instructions which differ for each size are shown in: Small = blue, Medium = pink and Green = Large.

Each pattern follows the same format – except the Warm Up America! blocks – which do not include the difficulty levels and the type of yarn used is written within the first paragraph of the Instructions; instead of in its own designated section.

The difficulty levels are all listed as Easy+.

A variety of yarns are used to make these projects, from Light Weight to Bulky Weight Yarn; however, the majority of the patterns use Medium Weight Yarn. You can find out more about the Yarns on pages 63-64 and a handy “Handmade with love!” Fiber and Care Label is included (with permission to photocopy) on page 64.

You can see the projects here:

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All images are used with permission from Leisure Arts, Inc. For more information about Leisure Arts, Inc. visit their website, Facebook or Twitter!


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  1. I had no idea that charity organizations would accept all these varieties of items. What great information to have! Leisure Arts has such great books and you do wonderful with all the reviews!

  2. I liked your review. it is nice to see some new patterns. Also, I like to see what other organizations are accepting. I am sure my organization will be able to use many patterns from this book in our service to the homeless, to people in nursing homes and to premature babies. We especially loved the hooded scarf, the pocket lap robe and premeeie hat.

  3. Enjoyed reading this review. I love crocheting blankets. Any craft really. The cover photo to this book is beautiful. Great ideas for more charity donations too!

  4. I love crochet blankets. i just finished one , the granny square looks pretty too.

  5. It is so nice to see a book like this. I like that the changes for pattern sizes are shown in different colors, so much easier to follow.

  6. A blanket with pockets I would like to make this. This book has alot of interesting patterns

  7. This is a great idea! I love helping others and this is a great way to start.

  8. I love the variety of patterns shown in the book. A great resource for charity items! Thank you.

  9. Thank you for the review regardin the kind of yarn that are used. Many times my desition about which for pattern I choose, depends on this information.

  10. I have become addicted to crochet and you are part of the reason why! lol I am so glad I found you!

  11. I always crochet for charity, since most people will not appreciate and pay for all of the work and materials that go into a crocheted item. This book will give me lots of new ideas.

  12. Thanks for the review. I will have to look for this book at the library.

  13. i love yarns and beautiful stitch and it is my peaceful time to be creative and stay active it is the best way to do charity project .so this book give me ideas it is so helpful .thank you

  14. Thanks for reviewing this book! Charity projects are my go to when I’m stuck on something else. It would be nice to have a few new ideas.

  15. Most of the crocheting I do is for charity. I tend to use the same “go-to” patterns a lot, so this book sounds like a great way to switch things up for a little variety.

  16. I am so glad that you reviewed this book. I am just starting to crochet for charity and this book looks like it will answer most of my questions about what type of yarn to use. I also appreciate the listing of organizations that accept crocheted items. Thank you again for a great review.

  17. This review is great! I try to donate some things to different charities I am aware of, thru my church or organizations like Union Gossip Mission that are in the area. To have a variety of projects, with a little more style and fun is always nice. I always think that those in need need more, more to boost their spirits and hearts, not just to warm them physically. Thank you for this review and bringing this book to my attention!

  18. This looks like a great book and a great idea that they put in the health and safety issues in with some items.
    Also great that they added some recommend organisations, but what about the lesser known organisations that struggle for funding and help for publicity.

    Great book thought. Thanks for reviewing it!

  19. This is such a great resource! Now I have it in my Crochet file for quick reference! Thanks for all your effort!

  20. This is a very helpful review! I am going to look for it next trip to the craft store, and if they don’t have it, I will see about ordering it.

    I especially like the way you broke down the details of the instructions. Some books are not so detail oriented, and have been disappointing. I’m not a quick crocheter, so it’s good to know there are smaller projects that won’t be overwhelming.

  21. I love that this gives you patterns to make for charities and also what charities you can make them for all in one book. I will have to check this out thanks for sharing it!

  22. Thanks for this review- Since I started crocheting again 2 years ago, I always have at least one project in the works. I started a policy of ” make something for someone I know, make something for someone I don’t” to make sure that the craft that soothes and gives so much to me also does good for others.

  23. I really like the projects in this book! All age groups included.

  24. What a wonderful idea, so many options in one place. Now to break out my list of charities! 🙂

  25. I think, after reading your review, that I would very much like to own a copy of the Charity Guide for Crocheters. The projects look like ones I could create and give away to make others smile. Thank you for your honest review, I respect and trust your opinions.

  26. Hi Rhondda,
    First I want to thank you for all you do to inspire and help me. I chose two Leisure Arts books I would like your review on to help me decide which (if either) would be a good addition for a grandma like me who likes to learn to create for her family. I was looking at ‘Crochet Stitch Guide’ (there are so many out there, but can I really understand and use them?) and ‘Everything the internet didn’t teach you about crochet’ (although you have always been thorough and clear with your instructions that I have followed, would I really need this?).
    Thank you again for all you do to make me happy.


  27. I would love for you to review the ANIMAL LOVIE BLANKETS book…. I’ve got a few of those to make in the coming months! 🙂

  28. I would love to see a review of the ebook SHRUGS, SHAWLS AND BOLEROS. And thank you for the chance to win free ebooks. This one for charity is such a wonderful idea.

  29. I adore the rabbit above; looks like one my gma made out of old quilts my great-gmas both had made decades previously. As for which of the MANY Leisure Arts books I would like to see reviewed, well let’s say all? Haha! Ok, for real I’ll say Everyday Shawls SKU#75515C

    Thank you for ALL you do, patterns, tutorials, reviews, your willingness to share your knowledge with all of the rest of us!

  30. I would suggest Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets. I’ve looked at getting this ebook before, but I’d like to know more first!

  31. I would suggest Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets. I’ve looked at getting this ebook before, but I’d like to know more first!

  32. I would like to see a review of the Unforgettable Crochet ebook, thanks!