Chainless Foundation Stitch Videos from Maggie Weldon

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I ran across these fabulous videos from Maggie Weldon on YouTube and I thought you might be interested to view the episodes. Learn how to create a chainless foundation stitches by watching these great YouTube Videos from Maggie Weldon! Both left and right handed videos are available! Watch all 3 Chainless Foundation Stitch Videos.

Chainless foundations are much more elastic and a great way to start your crochet projects! They are also easier to create than you may think so give the videos below a watch or two and try it on your own! They are soon to become your favorite way to start your larger projects too!

Chainless Foundation Stitch Videos

Chainless Foundation Single Crochet

Chainless Foundation Half Double Crochet

Chainless Foundation Double Crochet

Maggie also has left-handed versions available for viewing here:

Left-handed Chainless Foundation Single Crochet
Left-handed Chainless Foundation Half Double Crochet
Left-handed Chainless Foundation Double Crochet

I also really like this tutorial available from Doris Chan Crochet:

Foundation Single Crochet 

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  1. Welcome Linda 🙂 I really don’t like the starting chain either! I always seem to miss a stitch or get them all twisted about when I try to work back across – this technique is very helpful 🙂

  2. I love using this technique – it eliminates the stiff first row of projects and gives the fabric so much more stretch and elasticity!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been looking forward to trying these.

  4. I think the chainless foundations are awesome, they give such a nice look to the edges. Many thanks! <3

  5. Chainless foundation stitches were so difficult for me to master for the longest time, I’m not sure what the problem was, I think I just didn’t get which end I was looking at. Finally it all clicked for me. Thanks so much for posting all of the tutorials, they are very helpful.

  6. Wow I didn’t even realise you could do this and I hate counting chains thus will be a great help Thank you

  7. I’m still working on getting mine to look nice and neat too 🙂 I think it is the thickness of the yarn used (or the ‘close-up’ on the yarn) that gives it a nice look too 🙂

  8. Welcome Rebecca 🙂 It is very handy once you know how – It really helps for Blankets and eliminates that tighter starting row that often happens!