CBL Project – Hexagon Boot Slippers – Priscilla Hewitt

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Design:: Hexagon Boot Slippers
Designer: Priscilla Hewitt
Price: FREE

When I posted a link to this free crochet pattern on my Facebook Page, my step-mum mentioned how much she loved them. So…I made her a pair for Christmas.

I crocheted the x-large size for Maggie.

I really enjoyed crocheting the Hexagons and the soles for the slippers. I have to admit I did not enjoy assembling these slippers. It was a bit tricky.

In the end I had to line the slippers up from the middle at the front and beginning in the center of the sole and the center corner of the front hexagon, I had to manipulate the stitches to fit across the front of the slipper. I used a combination of sc2tog and sc3tog stitches along the front of the slipper (each point/corner of the hexagon was a sc3tog). I worked all the decreases around the posts of the hexagon stitches. Each decrease on the hexagon slipper was worked into only one stitch from the sole of the slipper.

It was a bit tricky but it allowed the center of the slipper to line-up with the center of the hexagon and it gave the effect of a rounded slipper toe.

Overall I am very pleased with the slippers.

I especially like the technique used to make the slipper soles!

Here are Maggie’s finished slippers:

If you would like try this pattern yourself, here is the link:

Hexagon Boot Slippers



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