Charity Crochet

Crochet for Charity. Crochet these free patterns and then donate your finished projects to your favorite charitable causes.

There are so many fantastic people who crochet for charity! It is a wonderful way to give-back to the community.

Charity Crochet

I have been asked to create different patterns in different sizes for charity purposes and I always try to fill these requests! In all honesty, it makes me feel ‘all warm and fuzzy’ knowing that a pattern I created – is being used for such a generous purpose.

I have started a Pinterest Board to PIN different patterns which may be suitable for some of the charities you donate to. You can browse our Charity Crochet Pinterest Board here. 

You can browse our charity posts here.

While the Covid Pandemic is taking place there are stricter rules in place for donations and many organizations have hit ‘pause’ on collections and distributions of finished items. Be sure to double check with the organization before you make your items, just in case!

Tips and Tricks to find a Local Charity Accepting Donations