Boho Crochet Book Review

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This colorful Crochet book is filled with inspiring designs from some of my favorite designers.

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Title: Boho Crochet
Author: Marinke Slump
Designers: Amy Astle, Annemarie Benthem, Ruth Bramham, Ali Campbell, Susan Carlson, Sara Dudek, Carmen Heffernan, Dorien Hollewijn, Sandra Paul, Marinke Slump
Publisher: Martingale
Photographer: Brent Kane
ISBN: 978-1-60468-551-0

Boho Crochet Review @OombawkaDesign

Boho Crochet includes 147 pages of bright and trendy projects including:

    • Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket | Marinke Slump (aka Wink)
    • Annie Blanket | Amy Astle
    • Daisy Baby Blanket
    • Color Wheel Hexagon Blanket | Dorien Hollwijn
    • Happy Colors Blanket | Dorien Hollwijn
    • Flower Power Runner |Annemarie Benthem (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!)
    • Star Fruit Rug
    • Large Granny-Square Pillow | Carmen Heffernan
    • Sunflower Motif Pillow | Carmen Heffernan
    • Chevron Pillow | Amy Astle
    • Round Floor Pillow
    • Spoke Mandala | Marinke Slump
    • Picot-Edge Mandala | Marinke Slump
    • Mandala Stool Cover | Susan Carlson
    • Heart and Flower Motifs
    • Crochet Christmas Baubles | Carmen Heffernan
    • Butterfly Pot Holders | Marinke Slump
    • Lace Crochet Coasters | Carmen Heffernan
    • Breakfast Cozy Set
    • Drops of Color Headband | Marinke Slump
    • Floral Bobby Pins | Carmen Heffernan
    • Rainbow Wrist Cuffs | Sandra Paul
    • Slouch Hat
    • Dancing Hearts Wrap |Marinke Slump
    • Wildflowers Scarf | Ruth Bramham
    • Ombre String Cowl | Susan Carlson
    • Blossom Necklace
    • Granny-Square Clutch Purse | Annemarie Benthem
    • Cell Phone and Tablet Covers | Ali Campbell
    • Star Backpack | Annemarie Benthem
    • The Weekender Bag

Filled with crochet patterns for Mandalas and other Rainbow Coloured projects, Boho Crochet is sure to have a project to capture and hold your attention.

Boho Crochet uses a star ranking system for the skill level of each pattern included – 1 star for Beginner, 2 stars for Intermediate, 3 stars for Accomplished and 4 stars for Advanced.

The patterns are in written form with the star rating located directly beneath each Title.  You will also find a “You Will Need” indicating what Materials you need to make the project (yarn, hook, embellishments), the gauge you will need to meet to make the same sized project as shown in the images and the finished dimensions of the project. The Weekender Bag also includes a colour charted portion with the written pattern.

Boho Crochet includes a Techniques Section to explain different Tools and Materials, Options for Holding Your Hook, Gauge, Different Stitches (basic – intermediate), Increasing and Decreasing Stitches, Working in the Round, Magic Loop, Working Flat Rounds and Tubular Rounds, Joining in New Colours, Granny Squares and Other Motifs, Joining Motifs, Finishing Your Work, Seams and Joining, Tips for Reading Patterns (punctuation and colour charts), Abbreviations, Yarn Weights, Hooks Sizes and Metric Conversions and Skill Levels.

This is a beautiful book, filled with bright colour and fashionable crochet patterns. I definitely recommend this one for your Crochet Library!

You can purchase your copy from Martingale directly:

Purchase from Martingale | Boho Crochet Review @OombawkaDesign

Or if you prefer, you can pick up a copy from Amazon.

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A special thanks to Martingale for providing me with a review copy of this book!  All images used with permission from Martingale and their Photographer Brent Kane.

For more information about Martingale – visit their Website, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter !


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  1. Oh my gosh! What a Grrrrrreat review of this book! Thank you!! Love so many of the projects in the pictures…thisi book is at TOP of my wish List!! giggle…

  2. Hi 🙂 Thank you for reading my review of Boho Crochet! I use my mandalas as table covers (like doilies) but some people also use them as wall art 🙂 or make pillows using them – and some even have turned them into squares to make blankets!

  3. Thank you for reading my review of Boho Crochet! I love the Weekender Bag too – I think it will make a fantastic project.

  4. now I have to have this book!!! Love the look.
    Thank you for this review, so cool!!!

  5. Thank you for the review of this book. I’ve been debating on if I should get it for quite some time now, I didn’t know if I would be experienced enough to try the patterns. After reading your review, it’s one I’m going to purchase for sure. Thank you!!

  6. Love these patterns , I have tried a couple of them. Just LOVE them

  7. Love the BoHo Fingerless Gloves. My Granddaughter would love these!

  8. I love this book. I just received a copy of it for my birthday, and have yet to start a project, but I am looking forward to making the Star Fruit Rug.

  9. I love the idea of a boho crochet book. I noticed that all the patters were more for home decor and not boho style clothing, which was disappointing. I did however love the Mandalas pictured. I liked the fact that it has a technique section. It seems like a very well laid out book for beginners to advanced crocheters. Definatly a book that I’ll be looking for.

  10. The Weekender Bag is amazing! I’ve never crocheted a bag before, but this one I might try as it really looks woven or like tapestry. Hopefully my bookstore carries this book. Thanks for the review!


  12. Oooooh my goodness!!!! Amazing book!!! Added to my Wish List for sure!! Such great variety & cooool things to make! Gotta have it! lol Thanks for GREAT review!! 🙂

  13. The colors are beautiful! I love the look of the mandalas, but am curious what you would use them for?

  14. Love the blanket pictured. Any yarn person would probably have the yarn laying around to complete these projects. A great resource

  15. There are so many great ideas and patterns in this book. It’s definitely going on my amazon wishlist!

  16. These patterns bring me back to when I started crocheting in the 70’s. What is old is new again!

  17. I really love this book. Want to make every item in this book. Unfortunately Wink isn’t here anymore to enjoy her succes…

  18. What fantastic colourful designs. I might just have to pop out and buy a rainbow of yarns and have a go at some of them.

  19. I just got this book and it is great. It is well written and the projects are really pretty

  20. I just got this book and it is great. It is well written and the projects are really pretty

  21. What a lovely book. The colors used are amazing! I especially like the madala paterns and that backpack is GORGEOUS!

  22. Oh, I just love so many of the projects in this book! The photo with the heart and flower motifs really makes me smile for some reason. 🙂

  23. I love the color & styles. I’m thinking to buy the book. There’s lots of patterns in this one that I’d actually use.

  24. Being a child of the 60’s, this Boho is right up my alley. I really NEED this book! Thanks so much for including it in your latest contest! I never would have seen it otherwise. I feel like a winner already!

  25. I really like the bright colors used and how well they all seem to go together – makes me happy! 🙂

  26. I love the color combinations, the motifs and the wonderful ideas that so many skilled gals can come up with. I hope someday I will be able to design my own patterns
    Christine 🙂

  27. Wow! I did not realize this was Wink’s book she wrote! I love your review and I am going to use your link right now to get it through Amazon.

  28. The amazing patters and the fabulous use of colour in this book are so inspiring.
    And they are definitely Hip and Happy!
    Thank You for introducing me to Boho Crochet 😀

  29. I love Boho crochet. I am going to order this book next month!! I can’t wait!!

  30. Love the gorgeous colors in all these items, especially the mandalas!

  31. I can’t say how much I like this book. It has exactly the kind of projects I most like to crochet, full of works of so many talented women. Thanks!Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  32. Very informative review. Looks like this book is one for me, and my daughter will surely borrow it. Guess I should buy two. I will treasure it.
    Cheers Maggie

  33. I clicked through to this one not realizing that it was Wink’s book. Teared up a little bit. The way she used color continues to inspire me.

  34. These are so inspirational, love the colors and all the patterns

  35. This looks like a wonderful book. Thank you for such a thorough review. I definitely need to check this book out.

  36. I just can’t get enough of Boho crochet!! I love the style, colors, and just the easy going of it all. I am planing on getting this book! TY for the intro~ Sadie