Blue Skies Cowl Pattern

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The Blue Skies Cowl Pattern is available for free! This design uses 1 ball of yarn and can be completed easily in one evening.

Blue Skies Cowl Pattern

Blue Skies Cowl @OombawkaDesign

Yarn: Red Heart Boutique Midnight (Colour Moonlight)
Hook: 9.00 mm (M13)

Blue Skies Cowl @OombawkaDesign

Finished Dimensions: 
Width: 3 ”
Length: approximately 96″

Abbreviations: R- round, st – stitch, sts – stitches, blsc – back loop single crochet

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Blue Skies Cowl Pattern Instructions

R1: Leaving an 8″ tail of yarn, Foundation Single Crochet 165 stitches, line up the beginning and the end of this row without allowing the row to twist.

You are now working in continuous rounds. Do not slip stitch to join or add additional chain stitches unless specifically indicated.

R2: 1 blsc in each st around,

R3-R10: repeat R2, finish off and weave in ends.

Using the initial 8″ tail of yarn, close the small gap left at the beginning of R1, finish off and weave in ends.

Blue Skies Cowl @OombawkaDesign

BlueSkiesCowl @OombawkaDesign



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  1. Did I forget to add that to abbreviations! Sorry! BLsc is Back Loop Single Crochet – so single crochet in the back loop only. I will add it to the post. Thanks! Rhondda

  2. I love this blue cowl… it is my favorite pattern of yours!!

  3. This is cute. It is going to be fun working this pattern. It will be great project to take anywhere to work.