Blooming 76 (8″ square) – Pattern Test

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to test this lovely square designed by Jen Maude of Jam Made. The Blooming ’76 eight inch afghan square.

Photo Credit: Jen Maude (Ravelry)
Blooming ’76 (8″ square)
It is lovely on its own, but look what you can do with 9 of them!

Blooming ’76 (8 Inch) Afghan Square

Photo Credit: Jen Maude (Ravelry)
Blooming ’76 (8″ square)


and in different colours!  So bright and vibrant!


Photo Credit: Jen Maude (Ravelry)
Blooming ’76 (8″ square)

I love how the design multiples and develops as you attach the squares together.

Being very new to crocheted afghan squares, I was surprised to discover the correct way to measure the size of your square is diagonally from corner to corner…

I suspect the squares I have been crocheting for the KRW Knitwear CAL are not the correct size…in fact, I am fairly confident they are TOO big! I was measuring the sides of the squares to make sure they met the dimensions specified (they are a crochet until you reach a 6″ square measurement, type of pattern).

I am very happy to have gained this new nugget of information!

I learn something new with every pattern I hook!

Jen’s Blooming 76 pattern is very easy to follow – the instructions are detailed enough for even a novice Crocheter to understand.  Jen also includes links to resources to assist you with the ‘special’ stitches used in the design.

When Jen told me she was pricing her pattern at $2.00 I was very surprised as I thought it should be worth much more – especially as it is a building block that can be used to make so many other stunning projects!

Here is my finished (unblocked) square:

I really love it.
What do you think?
The “Blooming 76” square is available for purchase on Craftsy here.
You can see some of Jen’s other designs on Ravelry here.  One of my favorite of her free patterns is this one:
Photo Credit: Jen Maude (Ravelry)
3 Versions of Elephant
In fact, that was one of my first Crochet Bucket List Projects – and it is a fabulous pattern.  Jen has made this pattern available as a PDF.
Here are three photos of my daughter’s finished elephant:



I used worsted weight acrylic yarn and a hook that had a number 3 on it – but isn’t a 3.00 mm hook – that was a bit confusing for me! It was a hook I found in my husband’s Grandma’s collection.
Darla loves her elephant 🙂
You can visit Jen’s blog Jam Made and Facebook to see what she is working on next 🙂 I’m currently testing another great pattern for her that I am itching to share!



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  1. Thank you Sharon 🙂 I’m happy you found your way to my site and some projects to try!! Have a lovely weekend, Rhondda

  2. Hi Rhondda! I just ran across your website and started browsing around. You’ve done a simply beautiful job designing your website. Such a variety of projects to “drool” over…I can’t wait to get started on some of them. Thanks for all the work you do and sharing so many free patterns 🙂

  3. Every time I come to your Oombawka Design & Crochet, I find something new! You have a very long list of free patterns. Here, on Raverly, FB, Links to other free crochet sites. Lots of contests. I enjoy being part of your crochet sites. Thanks for all your work. I appreciate it. Mary